Bathroom Tips & Trends 2020

Wanting to know what the 2020 bathroom trends are? How long is a piece of string!? There are so many new and evolving trends in bathroom design that it can be quite intimidating to decipher the path best for you. Known for being a regular feature in the powder room, Caesarstone sifted through all the headline trends to make the bathroom renovation process a little more spick, span and clean cut for you… 

Minimal Impact
Free of clutter and chaos, the minimalist trend offers an experience of serene cleanliness, with a touch of sophistication. We are living in times of a more muted elegancy, creating spaces that provide refuge and comfort to retreat from everyday life. This is where you will find the stand alone bath  or the frameless, curb-less shower, blending in the bathroom space with seamless ease. The fittings that go with this look are plentiful! Chrome is the modern choice, but metallics are coming back and black is still very much the favourite – they will all pop in these minimal design spaces.  Seen above: 4044 Airy Concrete

Keeping it Raw
Embracing natural, raw materials, such as concrete, wood planks, and exposed beams, has become common in home interior design over the past years. Bathrooms are now catching up with the beautiful, imperfect and authentic look that natural materials bring along. Warm-coloured surfaces and natural granite tones, wood furniture and classic sink vanities reflect the ongoing fascination with natures simple yet vivacious forms, resulting in a supernatural look. Seen Above: 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

Eclectic Vividness
For the bold at heart, opting for a vivid palette will find you steering in the direction of the forecast from Milan Design Week 2019.  Bringing together cultural bits and pieces from different design worlds, you can be at ease if you’re drawn to the colours of the sunset (pumpkin, champagnes and yellows) because these are being integrated everywhere. If you are not brave enough to paint a whole wall, opt for colourful decor finishes in these shades to bring the space to life. Eclectic details, richness in colour and texture, and an alluring ambiance are created in this mix and match look. For a striking visual effect try ornate, patterned wallpaper, velvet drapes and chandeliers to bring unexpected chic with a twist into bathroom spaces. Seen Above: 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

Green Fingers
For all the nature lovers, you should’ve heard of biophilic design by now, which focuses on bringing the outside in and connects us with nature. Integrating plants and greenery into your bathroom is a great idea if you’re looking to become more calm and productive in life. The bathroom also acts as the perfect green house to grow many kinds of plants. If you don’t have green fingers, even simply having the essence of nature with wallpaper and big windows to let the light in will enhance this neat desire to connect with Mother Nature. Seen Above: 4004 Raw Concrete

Luxurious Escapism
Our bathrooms no longer serve as spaces where we just wash, but are rather evolving into places to relax and unwind in. This trend includes rich textures such as the Concetto surfaces, and decor, furniture and accessories we might usually associate with living rooms or bedrooms, for a cosier feel. It is no surprise that the stand alone bathtubs have made their way into this trend – combined with floating sinks, the right lighting, and floor and wall cladding in neutral, soft colour palettes, bathrooms immediately turn private homes into pampering spas. Seen above: 4003 Sleek Concrete

Installation Station
If you’re a commitment phobe, getting a customised unit designed that can be moved around is always a great option – and it looks great. Console vanities, towelling rails and even storage units that are versatile in many living areas can transform a bathroom. Topping off with the surface of your choice, experiment with different materials and finishes to form the framework. The clean lines keep the space looking uncluttered and you don’t need to commit to a massive permanent structure. Seen below: 4044 Airy Concrete

When in Doubt
If the influx of options is causing anxiety – then go with these tried and tested fail proof options: 
Industrial Look – with concrete being a material representing longevity, it has and will be around for a long time. You can incorporate Rugged Concrete Caesarstone for example in many different styles to achieve a modern or classic look. And the grey canvass is extremely versatile and calming.
Marble Mood: The versatile colour palette and veining found in marble-inspired surfaces like our Montblanc, is a no brainer if you can’t make up your mind. We all know that marble is timeless and matches just about anything, but it can also be utlised in many different applications from small decor items, to tiles or fully-cladded walls. 
Safe Zone Colours: Keep you palette neutral when in doubt – whites, greys and nudes will act as the perfect backdrop for any design style going forward. Don’t be tempted by trends that don’t sit well with you.
Tiling Fever: Of all the tiles trends and designs that have come to market, the good ol’ subway tile is still a really good option. The clean simple lines are versatile and by simply selected a different shade of grouting you can bring them to life or make them subtly fade into the background.

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