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Expert Opinion: Kelly Adami from Copperleaf Studio gives us the bathroom low-down.
Washing, priming, primping and pampering, it all happens in the bathroom, which makes it one of the most important spaces of your home. It's a personal space just for you, where you can pause, recharge and prepare, so you should invest in making this area a sanctuary. To make your bathroom goals less daunting, we asked interiors expert Kelly Adami of Copperleaf Studio for her advice - she happens to have a passion for washrooms that offer a tranquil escape...

Caesarstone SA

Where can we get the best bathroom inspiration?

I’m an avid instagrammer, and follow the leaders in bathroom design for the latest tips and trends sweeping the market. From a brand perspective, Kohler Africa’s account is full of the most gorgeous products in dreamy bathroom settings. They also offer a flawless range of tapware in metallic finishes that are available in South Africa. Design wise, two of my favourite designers include Studio McGee, who have a way of making everyday bathrooms look so elegant, while still being practical; and local interior designer Hendre Bloem who has a bold, masculine aesthetic that makes for a refreshing design statement.

After four generations, we are still bolder than ever. #InteriorDesign #usp #interiordecor #interiordesigners

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All-time favourite bathroom project?

My favourite bathroom project to date was a double renovation (main en-suite and guest bathroom) that we gutted and redid in a beautiful Parkhurst home. The client had great taste, an appreciation for the bathroom space and wanted to be a bit adventurous, so we were able to really invest in the space. She chose a dramatic charcoal and white scheme, which we softened with a pair of her Victoria Verbaan prints above a freestanding tub.

"We spend so much of our time in the bathroom, getting ready every day and night, it’s only right that it should be an uplifting, rejuvenating and serene space." – Kelly Adami

Why should we prioritise bathroom renovations?

We’ve heard it from realtors a hundred times before – kitchens and bathrooms are really important for the resale value of your home. With bathrooms being more expensive and inconvenient to redo, it's a huge drawcard to buyers when the bathroom is in tip top shape with good quality finishes. If you're going to  renovate, invest in a timeless, elegant look with long-lasting finishes.

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What is the surface of choice?

For bathrooms quartz surfaces are an absolute must. Besides being beautiful, timeless and available in a huge array of colours, quartz is non-porous, making them perfect for wet spaces. This also makes them the most hygienic and easy-to-clean option - no make-up spills will be a problem. They're also very versatile and work with both a traditional and modern aesthetic.

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What's trending at the moment?

We need to be careful with trends, as there is potential for a space to become dated quickly. However, looks that I am loving in bathroom design at the moment include black and white, with gold accessories. For extra impact, go heavy on the black and gold. I also love layering with soft neutrals such as creams, beiges and greys. to add more depth, layer your colours from the same family, a range of greys for example always look very rich. 

We suggest Caesarstone's Noble Grey but you can view the new Caesarstone catalogue here to make your favourite choice.

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It's all about the accessories, no?

Adding accessories to your bathroom space is the finishing touch that will take it from 'nice enough' to something really special. Pay attention to the style of the hardware – loo paper holders, soap dishes, towel rails – these can really impact the look and feel. As a rule, I love fittings that are slim and simple. Also think carefully about including beautiful handsoap, creams, candles and hand towels to complete the look.

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If time, space and budget were limited?

If you're on a budget, consider painting walls with bathroom spec paint, instead of tiling up the walls. Tiles are only really necessary where walls have direct contact to water like in the shower and behind the basin. If space is an issue, I would always opt for a shower over a bath, they add a better resale value to the home, are more convenient and more widely used in general. If you’re pressed for time, put your renovation off! It always takes longer than expected so it’s best not to put pressure on yourself to get it done within a certain time frame. However, for a quick fix, fixtures are the first things you should replace to give your bathroom a facelift. If they’re grubby, they give away the bathroom’s age immediately.

For a real bathroom revamp you can't go wrong by... 

gutting the entire place and starting from scratch!

Images by Anthea Pokroy and Elsa Young, courtesy of Copperleaf Studio.

Caesarstone SAWe met Kelly Adami earlier this year, when she used Caesarstone's Montblanc in an exquisite dining room scene at Design Joburg. Specialising in bespoke solutions for every interior, Copperleaf Studio is a design consultancy that specialises in tailormade solutions that will bring your design vision to life. Follow them online for the latest interior inspiration: Instagram | Facebook | Website

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