How to Clean your Caesarstone

Keeping your surfaces clean and your family healthy has never been more essential. As one of the most non-porous and hygienic countertops available on the market, Caesarstone is still the world’s best surface. For a refresher on how to keep your kitchen, bathroom or home bar countertops sanitised and looking their best, here is a reminder on how to care for your Caesarstone…

Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are non-porous and incredibly durable. It has earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval and it’s certified by the national sanitary foundation for food preparation areas. Caesarstone is stain, heat and scratch resistant, and it’s backed by a lifetime warranty. Because the surface is completely non-porous you never have to use any sealer or wax of any kind. For general cleaning use a mild detergent or the Caesarstone spray cleaner.

How to Clean Caesarstone countertops
How to Clean Caesarstone countertops

For effortless, quick clean-ups, try the new Caesarstone wipes. For typical stubborn marks such as red wine, pen marks even metal marks from keys or knives, use the Caesarstone cream cleanser. To remove nail polish you can use nail polish remover, just rinse it off right away and then clean and dry like you usually do. Whatever the mess, be sure to always use a non-abrasive sponge. Caesarstone is resistant to cracks, scratches and marks, however like most materials, excessive force and pressure from other objects can damage the surface, so be sure to always use a cutting board. And when handling hot items be sure to use a trivet.

You can purchase the Caesarstone range of cleaning products, and find even more detailed care and maintenance instructions on our website. For Design inspiration we have regular updates on social media so make sure you are following us on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook @CaesarstoneSA and here on our blog.

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