With a passion for innovation in the kitchen, we couldn’t resist sharing a recent article from The Interior Collective who proposed the question of what the role of the kitchen will be in the future. From fire pits in the ground to the creation of refrigerators and microwaves - we have come a seriously long way! But what’s next in terms of discovery, development and the needs of todays home?
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Innovation and creativity at its best.
As they explain, “There are many systemic challenges we will face as a civilization. In the year 2050, the global population will reach 9 billion and will need solutions for a sustainable food supply, water supply, energy supply, waste management, nutrition and the socio-cultural breakdown of the family unit.”  The kitchen can therefore play an integral role in assisting a sustainable future for not just your city but the whole planet. With this in mind, industrial design students from Pratt Institute in New York and Architect and Designer Marc Thorpe considered these challenges and got to work creating the kitchen of the future.
Caesarstone SA
The time to design is now.
Looking beyond commercial selling points, the liberated designers started focusing on ecological, nutritional and social issues and watched the design come to life.  We can all learn a thing or two from Bio Designer Danielle Trofe, who assisted on the project and explains the kitchen's function, “A zero-waste, closed loop kitchen is probably as ‘green’ as you can get. This means cycling all water, food, energy within the kitchen without creating waste, or making sure that the ‘waste’ gets put back into the system.” With the water from the sink draining to feed a hydroponic plant system and a unique steam atomization dishwasher, water and energy consumption will be drastically reduced in the home.
Caesarstone SA
Apart from being aesthetically exquisite, the Caesarstone quartz plays an integral role in this new design.
Caesarstone was integrated into the concept using Raven, Statuario Nuvo, and Concrete, but Thorpe explains that it is not just aesthetically appropriate but that “Quartz is a fundamental element for the future. As technologies advance quartz surfaces will evolve to become even more fundamentally integrated.” As a liaison between the present and the future student Feras Alhabib suggests that “The material speaks for itself, and when put into the context of the kitchen of the future, it takes on a timeless quality where the kitchen never loses its sense of elegance and durability” Picture4-e1494358164905 While discussing trends and the vision of their design Thorpe explains “The kitchen of 2050 by Caesarstone and Pratt is a return of fundamentals of humanity. It’s about the reclaiming of the family unit through the pleasure of cooking.” And we couldn't agree more. Caesarstone is proud to bring the Future Kitchen to life. The Future Kitchen will be exhibited at WantedDesign Manhattan during NYCXDesign in May 2017. 

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