One of our favourite projects to date was collaborating with celebrated designer Tom Dixon and food architect Francesca Sarti from Arabeschi di Latte, to create a mesmerising material installation at Milan's Salone del Mobile design fair in 2016.  The creative exercise began with the four elements, which ultimately led to the design of four kitchens and a working restaurant.  Earth, Ice, Fire and Air were seen like never before and naturally spurred the creatives to want to create something more... Dedicated to these elements, a series of recipes were collated into a breathtaking cook book published by Caesarstone. 
The idea was to inspire architects and designers by showing them how, through the concept of the four elements, food and surfaces can interact in different ways, delivering a food experience that challenges all the senses
The idea was to inspire by delivering a food experience that challenges all the senses.
SALTED LEMONADE RECIPE Water and salt have an enduring elemental relationship: 96% of the water in the hydrosphere ( all water on earth, including ice and clouds ) is saline. This recipe for Salted Lemonade is inspired by Vietnamese Chanh Muoi pickled citrus fruit, the lemonade uses lemons preserved in salt, or more precisely, by the water that gets drawn out of the lemons via the salt.
Caesarstone SA
Salted Lemonade against Caesarstone's White Attica surface.
INGREDIENTS  - serves 1 glass Salted Lemonade 1 salted lemon wedge 2 tbsp lemon balm Syrup or honey Sprig fresh lemon balm Sparkling water or soda Salted Lemons 12 medium unwaxed lemons 350g coarse sea salt 4 fresh bay leaves Handful coriander seeds 10 cardamom pods METHOD For the Salted Lemonade: Take a Kilner jar or highball glass. Spoon 1 salted lemon wedge into the jar or glass. Crush the wedge with a cocktail muddler or pestle. Add the lemon balm syrup or runny honey and the lemon balm. Top up with your favourite sparkling water and give everything a final stir before serving. For the Salted Lemons: Split 6 lemons into quarters, but keep each fruit joined at its base. Open each lemon carefully, pack some salt into the center and press back into shape. Fill half a 1 litre preserving jar with half the remaining salt. Pack the lemons in tightly, together with the bay leaves. Sprinkle over the coriander seeds and cardamom pods and top up with the remaining salt. Squeeze the juice from the remaining lemons and add to the jar.  Seal and leave in a cool place for at least 1 month.
Liked this? Then you will definitely enjoy seeing Francesca in action at our 2017 Colour Launch. If you tried this recipe we'd love to see how it turned out! Tweet us @CaesarstoneSA to keep us informed.  

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