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As people want their kitchens to feel lighter and look bigger, thinner countertops are slowly taking center stage, and we couldn’t be happier because our ultra-thin 13mm Ultimo Collection is bringing this trend to life!

Thin surfaces are fantastic for getting creative in the kitchen because they can be used for cladding applications on a larger scale such as draw fronts, walls, backsplashes and full islands. Many designers will stay clear of this as it can be tricky to install without damaging the material, but Caesarstone Ultimo comes with the same strength and durability as regular Caesarstone, so you can get a sleek, slim-line appearance that is just as hardworking. The Lifetime Warranty will also give you peace-of-mind knowing that you don’t have to be precious with your new installation. Seen above: Snow 2141

Intense green herbs add a pop of color to a white kitchen.

Our advice is to not be shy and to press your kitchen designer to experiment with this trend. Thin countertops are best suited to sleek, modern designs, but can be used in transitional and industrial kitchen designs equally well when applied with discernment. The rough, industrial look of concrete is still huge right now, and growing with a calibrated ‘natural concrete’ trend that we’ve embraced with our Metropolitan Collection. Seen below: Rugged Concrete 4003.

The reputable strength and flexibility of Caesarstone provide fabricators and installers more creativity in the execution of their work (and gives designers more possibilities). If you are not a fan of a thin surface, this is ironically the material you would use to build-up edges to give the stone a thicker appearance, with the benefit of reduced weight. Seen below: White Attica 5143

The Ultimo range includes our marble-inspired and concrete-inspired designs, as well as classic polished finishes so you really can find the perfect match for your style.

INTERIORS REIMAGINED | Thin surfaces are perfect for: Splashbacks, waterfall edges, wall cladding, fully-cladded draw fronts, curved edges and seamless designs.

Some designers are eliminating upper cabinets completely and opting for full backsplashes in the same stone to extend to the ceiling line or wrap around cabinets and behind range hoods. Previously, a full panel backsplash would be a very difficult installation for fabricators working with thicker material, especially between walls, behind faucets or other obstacles. Now it can be done with greater ease due to the reduced weight and strength. Seen below: Statuario Maximus 5031

Perhaps you could look into integrated counters that sit flat atop the cabinetry and the overhangs are kept flush with the doors, drawers and panels. The resulting look is more like a finished “skin” that is integrated and part of the cabinet itself, as opposed to being a separate element, and some tops occasionally may even be inset into the cabinetry for a more ‘built-in’ appearance. Seen below: Sleek Concrete 4003

When a homeowner falls in love with the organic veining in a particular Caesarstone, the waterfall island is an opportunity to create a striking look with a continuous countertop plane of their favorite material that wraps to the floor. Ultimo countertops and the sleek modern cabinetry seen most often in contemporary spaces make a strong complementary pairing. 

The weight savings and flexural strength of the Caesarstone Ultimo Collection enable designers and fabricators to take their designs to greater heights, and even incorporate unique curves and bevels.

When following the correct Caesarstone installation guidelines, 13mm Ultimo can be used in many applications. It is imperative that your designer ensures that these guidelines are adhered to prior to installation. For example, cupboard cladding will require appropriate hinges to support the material to ensure durability and longevity. And when opting for a thin countertop that will be bearing weight, it is essential that the support structure below is substantial and utilizes the necessary, strong framework.
Caesarstone Ultimo Collection Kitchen Trends

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