2020/21 Caesarstone Student Designer Competition: Top 9 Finalists

For 13 years, Caesarstone has been at the forefront of bringing SA’s young design talent into the spotlight with the Student Designer Competition. The 2020/21 brief was written by Juliet Kavishe, Interior Architect and Director of IID Professions, and is titled ‘Adaptive Reuse of Site’. It’s based around the Collier Jetty at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town, which is an existing site that’s open for a bid to redesign. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the 2020/2021 Caesarstone Student Designer Competition! 

After a gruelling day of judging, we are proud to announce this year’s top 9 finalists. As you know, all entries are judged anonymously, and the judges were totally spellbound by the incredible talent they saw. It was a very tough decision to nail it down to 9 finalists. Congratulations to everyone! Here is a closer look at our top 9 finalists and what motivates them to design and create…

“As an interior designer, there is no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. Every design and project is meant to capture the essence of your concept. Your thinking should be constantly focused on the smallest detail to design something outstanding. An interior designer’s worst enemy is self-doubt.”

“Armed with a passion for people, architecture, and sustainability, design is a significant part of who I am. It’s in everything I do and in everything I want to do. Consistently learning and growing, obtaining skills and knowledge, I hope to become a positive influence in the future of design.”

“My philosophy is using design to break boundaries and create spaces that evoke positive emotions. Design has influenced me from a young age, and I relish the creative journey of developing a simple concept into an extraordinary design. Studying in this field continuously unlocks my creativity and perseverance, and I love it.”

“I am in pursuit of that which is unusual, interesting, and whimsical. To explore beyond the boundaries of what is supposed to be the ‘proper way’ and search for a new way. To let go of what this world wants me to be. To abandon the ‘system’.”

“I love collaborating with people and sharing ideas that inspire me in order to make the world a beautiful place. My heart beats for Africa. My passion for diversity and progression lights the fire within me for everything I do. My main goal is to create awareness around sustainable living, to uplift our communities, and do something wonderful in design to inspire our new generations.”

“As Frank Lloyd Wright said: ‘Form and function are one’. When designing something, these two aspects should go hand in hand. This is also one of the reasons I am studying in this field – for opportunity to design something for people that is not only an experience, but something so much more.”

“Architecture inspires a creative passion in me, whether it’s the tangible or intangible creation of space; I’m constantly enthralled by the impression it leaves and the fulfilment it provides. Creating moments while finding the balance of beauty and purpose within architectural experiences all contribute to the journey.”

“Once part of a networked industrial landscape to export South African grown grain, the jetty is now transformed into a public market/space capable of growing its own produce.
I study architecture to better understand how space influences our everyday lives. This fuelled my interest in urban design and intervention.”

“Design has always played an important role in my life, yet it is the vibrancy of cultural diversity that fuels my artistic expression. Through showcasing a combination of cultural and historic references I try to create a harmonious contrast within every unique design, each one drawing inspiration from the next while encapsulating its own identity.”

WATCH THIS SPACE! In the next few weeks we will be announcing our WINNER! Good luck to all the finalists!




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