6 things to know when creating an outdoor kitchen

Caesarstone‘s Outdoor Collection is the perfect starting point for your kitchen or entertaining space, click HERE for the full article. Planning this space can be a daunting task and a good designer can really bring your dream to life. However, to brief them, you will need to have a good idea of what you want. Here are six things you should be thinking about when designing your outdoor kitchen…

#1: Start at the beginning

Think of your outdoor space as a room without the physical structural envelope of a house around it. Start planning it by listing all the activities you would like to take place out there. Think mealtimes, hobbies, and even relaxing with a good book. What type of entertainer are you and what does your perfect outdoor evening look like with friends and family? This will help you define your design aesthetic and help you discover what you need.

#2: Be inspired

If you’re short of style ideas, your previous travels can be a great place to start. Holidays are often spent relaxing outdoors, so dive through your photo albums to search for interesting décor and design elements. Restaurants, terraces and cafes, rooftop bars, and even casual beach cafés can provide useful references for materials and designs. Lookout for wall-cladding, roofing structures, pergolas, and planting ideas to provide the inspiration.

#3: Year-round entertainment

Summers can be unpredictable and the key to a good outdoor space lies in durable materials that require little maintenance. Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection has been tested to perform in high summer temperatures as well as freezing lows of winter. So throw on a big coat, stoke the firepit, and enjoy an outside drink year-round, including those cool nights.

#4: Living pantry

Make the most of your outdoor cooking space by planning an area for growing your own herbs. These will look gorgeous, spilling down from their pots and being close to hand in order to flavour all those delicious dishes. And the smells! Not only will your herb garden add aesthetic value, think of the gorgeous aromas wafting gently across your outdoor kitchen.

#5: Smart layout

Is your outdoor kitchen going to be next to your indoor one, or at the other end of the garden? If you’re planning to put it far from the house, then it’s worth creating storage for your most used items.

#6: Alfresco bar

Not all outdoor entertainment areas need an extensive outdoor kitchen complete with appliances and cooking equipment. You can opt for a contemporary approach by creating an open space with beautiful decking and a highly versatile bar. This table-like structure, just like a regular kitchen island, can be cladded using the Caesarstone Outdoor Collection. This type of solution really suits design schemes that provide a seamless transition from indoor kitchen extension to outdoor patio.

Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection provides the answer for every homeowner’s desire to cook, dine, and entertain from their own outdoor space. Contact us TODAY for more information!



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