Affordable Caesarstone? Yes, that’s right!

“How much does Caesarstone cost?” If you’ve ever thought about renovating your kitchen, this is probably one of the questions on your list – and it’s a question we get all the time. As everyone knows, premium quality does not come cheap, but that doesn’t mean it has to break the bank. As the world’s best countertop that’s built to last a lifetime there’s no surprise that, depending on your installation, you could rack up quite a bill. Read on for our clever tips to ensure that you get a world-class product, at an affordable rate… 



TIP ONE: Optimise your slab. Caesarstone comes in big slabs in a standard size. Depending on your design there may be a wastage factor taken into consideration, which will increase your cost of stone. Make sure you ask your fabricator how you can best utilise the slab and prevent wastage. Take a look below at this diagram to see how one can ensure the best slab utilisation:

TIP TWO: Save your off cuts. A cheese board, a mantle ledge, a window frame, a coffee table top… the uses of Caesarstone off-cuts are endless and can really finish the look in your home. Find out from your fabricator what pieces will be leftover and make a creative plan with them! 

TIP THREE: Be clever with your design. Caesarstone is the countertop of choice for its durability and easy cleaning, hygienic properties. This means that it is best utilised in high-traffic cooking zones. So if you have incorporated a full waterfall edge island, or a full splash back cladding the wall, you may want to think of an alternative material here. A simple 9cm splash back trim is very popular and finishes off the look beautifully. Your investment needs to be on the actual countertop. You can also look at the thickness of the stone – thinner slabs are usually cheaper, and if you were wanting a built-up thick looking profile it may be best to stick to the standard slab thickness to finish off the look.


TIP FOUR: Get a second opinion. When getting quotes for kitchens and bathrooms, don’t hesitate in getting a second quote so you can compare. Also make sure to ask installers for an itemised quote so you can see what everything costs individually – this will help you manage your budget more effectively and be aware of hidden costs upfront. Installers have varied ways of charging and quoting, and you don’t want to be caught unaware.

TIP FIVE: Shop within the Caesarstone pricing categories. This way you won’t bend your budget. That’s right, take a look at the colours featured in Caesarstone’s affordable, ‘standard’ pricing bracket below…

Made up of four trendy colours, the Caesarstone standard price range offers the world’s best surface at an affordable rate. INTRODUCING: Misty Carrera, Ocean Foam, Snow White, and Alaska…

Splotches of light and dark greys add depth and character to a soft white-layered base with an elevated look. Misty Carrera is a creamy, quartz colour given texture by greyish patches and speckles.

Ocean Foam is a feminine, gentle white surface with a medium grain that compliments a variety of décor styles. With consistent movement across each slab, Ocean Foam provides a light, stylish finish to any space.

2141 Snow White

Snow White is an evenly-grained Caesarstone surface that will complement most design schemes. It is not as bright as Pure White, but still reads as a regular white when used in most colour palettes.

Alaska is a popular surface colour choice. Fine, noticeable grains give Alaska movement and texture, while its winter white tones allow this design to fit into most kitchen and bathroom design schemes. Inspired by nature, Alaska’s even grain allows this surface to complement a variety of interior designs and contrasting materials.

Caesarstone has received worldwide recognition for our commitment to quality, safety, and environmental standards. No matter which price range our designs fall into, each and every one of our surfaces are carefully inspected to ensure they meet the highest level of international quality standards. For more information, head to Caesarstone’s website.



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