Diving Deeper into Design with Audi Snÿman

Audi Snÿman Interior Design provides luxurious design solutions to her clientele who want to create beautiful homes, lodges, and hotels! She makes her clients’ dreams a reality through her award-winning expertise and long-lasting partnerships. Caesarstone caught up with Audi to get her take on design trends and what inspires her…

LEFT: Audi Snÿman is a force in the interior design industry. She has created spaces around the world for 25+ years! RIGHT: Caesarstone’s Coastal Grey surface takes centre stage in this bespoke dining area.

Get to know Audi Snÿman as a designer…

Q: What defines and guides your designs? Creating sophisticated spaces is my main objective, from homes to hotels. I am inspired by what the architect creates and what the client wants.

Q: In terms of designing interiors, what do you find most challenging? Designing a magic space with a short turnaround time is challenging! We can execute properly once we’ve planned it out! The client also needs to be prepared to follow the designer’s advice. 

Q: Let’s talk kitchens! What do we need to know? You need to determine the new kitchen’s workflow, the new look and feel, and a realistic budget. Finally, you should appoint an experienced designer. This way, you’ll be introduced to trustworthy suppliers.

“We work with an extraordinary team of creative talent, providing turn-key solutions. Our team is involved in the full design process, until your dream has become a reality.”  

ABOVE: Audi Snÿman uses Caesarstone’s London Grey in a stunning design aesthetic. 

Q: How do you define a special project? All my projects are a highlight! However, projects are more special when the client entrusts the entire project to me. We build lasting relationships with our clients that are driven by a mutual respect for each other.

Q: Why do you include Caesarstone in your designs? What makes it special? We are spoiled for choices with the Caesarstone ranges, which is used for built-in worktops, wall claddings, fireplaces, and staircases. There’s also a design suitable for any colour scheme.

Q: Tell us about your first ever design project? I designed and knitted custom jerseys and throws when I was very young. FIMO clay bead work products started as a hobby, and became a thriving business. All of these small projects laid the foundation for the success our interior design firm is today.

LEFT: Vanilla Noir is perfect for creating vivid interiors with a dark surface that has off-white veins. RIGHT: The Coastal Grey dining table and fireplace are incredible to see! Plus, it shows off Caesarstone’s versatility.

“The Audi Snÿman Interior Design brand is more than an interior design service, it possesses a distinctive personality that is sincere, sophisticated, knowledgeable, hardworking, warm, and fun.”

Q: Do you have any advice for young aspiring interior designers? Work hard with integrity and respect each client. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, especially industry experts. Personally, I’m such a fan of Kelly Hoppen.

Q: In your opinion, what must you remember when doing home renovations? Appoint an experienced designer – they will save you time and money in the long run. It’s important to plan extensively so your project doesn’t experience unnecessary delays! Set a realistic budget, deciding on what you need against what you want. Finally, stick to your plan and trust the experienced designer.

Audi works in both Johannesburg and Cape Town. Contact Audi today to make your Interior dreams a reality.



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