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La Lucia Ridge in Umhlanga is the setting of this ocean-inspired, Caesarstone-clad penthouse apartment by Horak Venter Design.

The interior designer was required to create a crisp, modern apartment with clear references to minimalist, island-style living for the client, who is a big fan of Caesarstone surfaces!

The client insisted on stripping every tile, fixture and fitting, stripping the interior completely before refitting and and refurbishing to create a ‘clean slate’ from which to design.  Special inclusions on the project included a high gloss, white kitchen with Caesarstone surfaces (countertops, bathroom vanities, wall cladding and even flooring) and a timber nook table.  

Afrigran fabricated all the stone for this project, “It was a privilege to do the stone work and we think the result is outstanding.  The owner’s decision to opt for large-scale Caesarstone flooring panels created fewer joins, with the choice of a white surface complementing the minimal colour pallet”.

 Fabrication features include seamless shower floors leading into wall claddings, a flowing staircase fully covered in Caesarstone, a built-up bar-top, as well as cladding of the toilet systems in Caesarstone panels.  
“All fabrication was done with the most up-to-date technology by an experienced team, with the show stopper being the wall-mounted Blue Agate Concetto Caesarstone, which was set up like a framed picture on the wall and backlit.  With all-white surroundings the pop of this exclusive stone rivals any painting or wall-hung artwork,” say Afrigran.
 The engineer designed the closure of the double volume sitting room so that a private lounge on the upper floor could be created.
The interior is characterised by natural light, reflected off the white Caesarstone surfaces, which help to integrate the design throughout the space.  “The main task was to keep the use of colour and pattern to a minimum, for example white with splashes of ice white, with an emphasis on one focal point:  the massive Blue Agate Caesarstone sheet, which we used as a backdrop to the Miami-style bar.  We designed the access to the lighting, which is behind the agate panel, so that the light source emanating is diffused, creating a pleasant glow rather than a series of overly bright bands of light.”  
Both the client and the designer are passionate about the ocean.  They chose white Caesarstone to capitalise on the spectacular vistas, using deep blue to reference the seascapes visible from the apartment.
According to the owner, “The designers also used a lot of mirror, which brings the exterior inside and their use of natural wood and driftwood / root effects successfully breaks the overt whiteness and / or high tech look of the interior and adds warmth.”

This apartment celebrates Caesarstone in every practical application:  wall cladding, flooring, kitchen countertops, staircase, office desk and bathroom vanity.  A serene escape to an island-style retreat, this minimalist design is the perfect solution for detoxing the mind.

 (This article was adapted from a feature in Habitat Magazine (South Africa) No. 257 January / February 2017)





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