Celebrating the Heart of the Home

“In recent years, as walls have come down and homes opened up, the kitchen has become as much of a social hub as it is a cooking workshop or a dining theatre. People chop food on their countertop but also do their homework, drink cocktails with friends, work on craft projects, or play video games. Now at the heart of the home, the worktop welcomes a whole new range of activities for all members of the family…”

In celebration of the launch of the Caesarstone Kitchen Trends Book as well as four distinct new designs, local influencers gathered to discuss the role that the kitchen plays today at the most suitable venue in town – the new ‘casual fine dining’ restaurant Janse & Co.

With the kitchen rated as the space with the most financial value in today’s homes, its design has never been more important. The current culture of sharing asks for more and more convivial spaces, and kitchen islands are increasingly designed for social connection where all members of the household can practice different activities together in the same environment.

Four new colours now available:
White Attica | Cloudburst Concrete | Airy Concrete | Excava

On the menu:
– Beans, Hens Egg Hollandaise, Pangrattato

– Beetroot, Labneh, Kelp
– Beef, Morning Glory, Shallots, Capers
– Sunchoke, Leek, Beurre Noisette, Hazelnut
– Rooibos, Tonka Bean, White Chocolate

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