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The biggest culinary TV show of all time, MasterChef now airs in 60 countries with talented home cooks all over the world seeing if they can become the next culinary mastermind. South Africa is proudly one of the countries to have joined this international brand, and now in it’s fourth season, MasterChef SA is home to famous guests, world-renowned judges, and the best in quartz countertop surfaces – Caesarstone


ABOVE: Renowned chefs and foodies make up the 2022 judging panel: Justine Drake, Zola Nene, and Gregory Czarnecki

What’s Cooking?

From out-of-the-box ingredients and delicious successes to world-class countertops and proudly-SA home cooks, MasterChef SA has entered into its fourth season with a bang! New judges and a new location are just the tip of the iceberg because this year, Caesarstone SA is proud to be a part of the journey as each contestant will cook on our durable and hard-working surfaces in the hopes of furthering their food dreams in the competition and the greater culinary industry.

ABOVE: The MasterChef SA set is adorned with a variety of Caesarstone including Oxidian and Primordia (to be revealed later in the show). The most popular, though, is the Rugged Concrete that features on the main workshops in the studio.

As the location of the current MasterChef SA season, V&A Waterfront’s Makers Landing sets the table for a MasterChef SA feast! All of the action in the show’s 20 episodes takes place against the stunning backdrop of Cape Town’s commercial harbour and the Cape Town Cruise Terminal. Unlike the previous shows, current fans are not limited to only watching the series on TV. During the show’s five-week run fans can now interact with judges and contestants every weekend at Makers Landing from 5 to 26 March 2022.

During this time, on the respective Saturdays, fans of the show can meet the judges in person as they watch them whip up their favourite culinary masterpiece in public food demos. On the Sundays, visitors can meet those contestants who were eliminated from the previous week’s episode. They can hear more about each contestant’s personal food journey and can get insider hints and tips that they have gleaned from being in the MasterChef kitchen.

Meet the Judges


Apart from the fact that Zola Nene chose Caesarstone for her personal kitchen at home, there are many other reasons why we at Caesarstone are one of her biggest fans… Zola is a chef, food stylist/writer, media personality, cookbook author (just to name a few). Her local style has worldwide appeal, which is clearly evident as Zola joined British chef Gordon Ramsay in the second season of National Geographic’s series, Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted. In 2019, she also scooped the ‘Best in the World’ award in the TV category at the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards for her second cookbook titled Simply Zola. Now on MasterChef SA, Zola brings her years of culinary experience, quick wit, and warm personality to the show.



Justine Drake has worked in food media since 1988, written five cookbooks, and edited several magazines and supplements. And that’s just the start! Throughout her impressive career to date, Justine has worked with multiple local and international retail brands as a consultant on trends, print content, and food styling. She is the launch editor of Pick n Pay’s Fresh Living magazine and today is also the Content Director at John Brown Media. Her informative feedback and care for the contestants make her a great addition to the MasterChef family!



We first met French chef Gregory Czarnecki in 2016 at the Caesarstone Kitchen of the Year Awards where guests were treated to the most delectable meal of their lives at the award-winning restaurant: The Restaurant at Waterkloof. Gregory brings an international flair and fine dining experience to the judging table – and we’re loving it! Gregory has worked at some renowned restaurants in Paris including Restaurant Senderens (with mentor and three-starred Michelin chef Alain Senderens), Lucas Carton, and Pergolèse. MasterChef SA is a rich and diverse space for varying ideas and points of view – and this is where Gregory really holds his own as a judge because he speaks his mind and offers valuable critique to further shapen and strengthen the contestants. 



Ideally for virtually any interior surface, Caesarstone is most recognised globally for kitchen countertops, so it’s no wonder that an international brand such as MasterChef would recognise excellence in our surfaces – knowing they are perfect for the reality series as they’re hard-working, durable and last a lifetime. Caesarstone’s quartz surfacing is tough enough to handle the wear-and-tear risks of high traffic interior spaces and beautiful enough to complement any design scheme – just like the illustrious MasterChef kitchen.

The surfaces that are used as the contestants’ main work spaces is a very popular colour, namely Rugged Concrete, which is a refined, lady-like nod to the industrial look. With an off-polish, silky finish in an event light grey, Rugged Concrete gives you the look of concrete without the roughness and dust, but with all the durability of Caesarstone surfaces. Rugged Concrete features a matt, non-glossy finish to capture the essence of concrete and is a part of Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection, which has been designed to reflect the authentic patinas of industrial materials. The variations in appearance capture depth and movement, making each slab of Rugged Concrete unique.



Caesarstone will be updating their very own MasterChef SA Facebook album on a weekly basis so you can get all your favourite MasterChef content – with a special focus on our countertop surfaces of course! Also, make sure to tune into Mnet (DStv Channel 101) every Monday to Thursday at 6pm for the latest episode – and look out for our industrial Rugged Concrete!



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