Decorex 2023: Official Launch of Darcrest and Riverlet

Decorex Africa 2023 started in style, and Caesarstone was ready for it! Launching two new colours, 5820 Darcrest and 1001 Riverlet, our team designed a crisp, minimalist exhibition stand in celebration. Here’s what we got up to at this year’s Cape Town edition of the event…

Introducing Caesarstone Riverlet and Darcrest

Already a popular choice, Caesarstone’s 1001 Riverlet is a light and bright NEW design that will bring a fresh feel to your interiors. Available as a part of the Classico Collection, Riverlet is a modern surface with a honed finish. The design is shaped by nature and reminiscent of pebbles on the shoreline. With a gentle, off-white base and honied-brown capillaries dispersed throughout, Riverlet complements a soft palette, bringing light into your home. Complete your serene look with a warmer kind of minimalism using Caesarstone Riverlet.

Caesarstone’s 5820 Darcrest is a dark, NEW honed design, shaped by traces of organic erosion of rocks and the flow of tectonic forces. Showcasing a textural palette of black, grey, and rust, Darcrest is enriched with ochres and brownish greens that move organically. At home in the Supernatural Collection, Darcrest’s honed finish is the perfect fit for the latest dark and moody kitchen trends. Embrace the warmth and mystery of a darker living space or kitchen with Caesarstone Darcrest.

Getting to know Caesarstone’s Riverlet: Shaped by Nature

Riverlet’s soft, off-white base is touched by traces of honied amber, creating soft veins across the surface like those on a pebble. Slowly smoothed over time in rivers and oceans, the humble pebble pattern is distinct. Each one embodies many sensations and meanings, from shaping ancient tools to creating the spiritual serenity of a rock garden.

Soft to the touch yet hard like stone, they recall childhood memories of skipping stones, and help us feel grounded when held in the palm of our hands. Reminiscent of beach pebbles found on the shore, Riverlet is a new design for the casual kitchen. Organic by design, pebbles have inspired Caesarstone’s Riverlet, reflecting the warm, muted shades and enhanced textures influencing interiors today.

The honed finish is contemporary and helps reflect more light in the kitchen. Riverlet enhances light design palettes, airy colours, and pale oak tiles. Accent hues such as muted pastels will make the room feel fresh. Soft white and light grey cabinetry pairs well but also enhances the deeper tones of walnut. White hardware or the metallic beauty of brushed inox complete a serene look, defining a warmer kind of minimalism.

*Honed and matte surfaces require more daily maintenance, but they are just as durable and non-porous as our polished surfaces.

Watch the FULL Riverlet video:

Diving deeper into Caesarstone’s Darcrest: Shaped by Nature

From gradual tectonic shifts to dramatic volcanic eruptions, the orogenic process of mountain-making takes place over many millennia. Caesarstone Darcrest captures this phenomenon and embodies the mineral contrasts of rain, streams, and melting snow from different geological eras. In Darcrest, the translucent veil and layered colouring enhance its honed finish and create visual interest and depth, making it a bold surface ideally suited to the dark kitchen and living space trend.

Complimentary materials, therefore, need to be tactile and substantial. Options include oxidised metals, patinaed concrete, stained woodgrain, and coarse textiles. A textural palette captures the essence of wabi-sabi, while brushed hardware can include copper or burnished brass. Accented by oriental black lacquer, Darcrest is contrasted with a refined and flawlessly smooth finish.

*Honed and matte surfaces require more daily maintenance, but they are just as durable and non-porous as our polished surfaces.

Watch the FULL Darcrest video:

Caesarstone Exhibition Stand – Decorex 2023

Embodying modern kitchen design, this exhibition champions the monochromatic minimalism of Riverlet and Darcrest with clean lines and luxurious touches. The kitchen island is fabricated by Natural Stone Design, as are the stools, sample stands, and the back wall display! Courtesy of Hansgrohe, the beautiful, matte black tapware adds classic elegance. And lastly, the individualised burners from PITT Cooking show that, with Caesarstone, anything is possible!

Looking at the unique details of Caesarstone’s Decorex 2023 stand…

Our goal for this year’s exhibition is to give visitors to Decorex a taste of what’s possible with Caesarstone surfaces. Our team, alongside our industry partners, crafted a kitchen island that is dynamic, practical, and unique. From a section for kids and adults alike to get creative to cut-out grooves and in-set kitchen accessories, this island has it all!

We showcased the impressive Caesarstone International Look Book, featuring kitchens from our own backyard and from around the world for inspiration! And as always, our incredible Caesarstone consultants are on hand to answer any questions and share with visitors all that Caesarstone has to offer.

Spotted at Decorex

Showcasing Caesarstone at their stands are two design companies that are massive fans of our brand!

Changing Spaces Interior Design is dedicated to creating bespoke looks for their clients that will stand the test of time. At Decorex they’re showcasing Caesarstone Coastal Grey, and Marble Gallery was responsible for the fabrication. With intense, concentrated veining in blue-grey, white, and black tones, Coastal Grey is sure to take centre stage in your interior.

Unique Kitchens also featured Caesarstone, this time in the form of Montblanc, fabricated by Grand Select Granite. This company specialises in making their clients’ dreams come true, and we’d certainly be happy with a kitchen like this. Montblanc captures the essence of Europe’s sweeping, snow-covered peaks, and with Cape Town’s winter rains, it was the perfect fit.

Changing Spaces Interior Design’s Decorex exhibit featuring Caesarstone’s Coastal Grey

Unique Kitchens’ Decorex exhibit featuring Caesarstone’s Montblanc

See you at Decorex Joburg

Once again, Decorex Cape Town was a massive success, and Caesarstone loved sharing our surfaces at Africa’s leading decor and design platform. We are looking forward to the Joburg edition of Decorex 2023. See you there!

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