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A private haven: your bedroom is where you sleep, love, dream, and live! It needs to be an inspiring sanctuary that gives you a valid excuse to stay in bed all day. While dreaming up the vision of the not one but four bedroom’s that Jo had to design for her new family home, she managed to capture all her family members’ characters and needs perfectly. Spoiler Alert: There is even Caesarstone in the master suite! And so, we welcome you to the next instalment of From the Ground Up, where we’re keeping it in the bedroom…


For the past eight months, we have been following Lead Designer and owner of The Sourcing Lab, Jo vd Merwe, as she builds her dream family home from scratch. With a focus on each area of the home, we have been gaining invaluable design information and inspiration and this week is no exception as we tackle the BEDROOM! You can watch the full episode to see the incredible before and after shots, or simply read on for all the details right here!


Creating the perfect bedroom space for young children is tricky, because it needs to be current and relate to them, but also have a flexible and timeless element that can grow with them as they change. As for the master suite, Jo emphasises that working with your partner, and getting their input to strike that balance, is what will work for you as a couple. Of course, the first place to start is always a mood board…


“The bedroom is such an important part of the home. It is the space that you wake up in and you go to sleep in. It’s so important to create a space that is warm, inviting, and just calls you in.” This is the mindset Jo took on when designing her kids’ bedrooms, as well as the master suite with her husband Anton.


Embarking on the journey of designing their master suite, both Jo and Anton knew this was a process they wanted to do together. When creating the mood board for their room, it was important that Jo and Anton agree on the final look: “The fact that it resonates with Anton, is one of my priorities because this is a space that we’re not just creating based on what I like – it’s our space.”


Favourite Feature: The dreamy dark wall panelling behind the bed makes such a statement!


When the day came for Caesarstone’s Cloudburst Concrete and Rugged Concrete to finish off the look in the master suite, Jo was beside herself with excitement. “Each piece of Caesarstone gets cut and polished and put together like a puzzle – and when I saw them being installed I just absolutely loved them! I am obsessed with how this bedroom turned out.”


“When you are going for a design aesthetic that is more along the lines of a slow design or simple living, your finishes and materials are very few. The bedroom is the space where you get to be a little more creative, don’t be shy to add in a few new elements and things that really resonate with your personality.”



“After eight months of building and having contractors around, we finally have our little sanctuary, our retreat!” exclaimed Jo. Bringing Caesarstone into the bedroom might not sound conventional but it was a natural choice for Jo and a beautiful addition to the space – if we do say so ourselves! A modern addition to the master suite, apart from the gorgeous walk-in wardrobe and open plan en-suite bathroom (soon to be revealed), was the ultra-glamorous coffee nook: “We wanted to create a coffee nook, so that we could really make the most of the space, and make Saturday lie-ins that much more luxurious.”


Built into the wardrobe, Rugged Concrete Caesarstone was cladded on the shelves and inner wall, which added a warm industrial look. It’s also easy to clean for any coffee spills, and it complements the dark feature wall and cupboards. “I love the way that the dark tones add to the moodiness of the space – and that paired with oak veneer works perfectly. Rugged Concrete has organic movement in it, so we were specific on what part of the slab we wanted to use and then intentionally chose a section of the slab that has a little more of a mottled look to create interest.”

The room is finished off with a clever application of Cloudburst Concrete on the mantlepiece over the fireplace, which was not actually the plan – “Always chat to your fabricator to find out what your offcuts are and use them where you can. We were thrilled that this piece fitted perfectly above the fireplace.” says Jo, “At the end of the day, you are paying for the stone so make sure you use it.”


Jo’s husband, Anton, also couldn’t stop gushing over the master suite when it was complete: “My favourite part of the house would definitely be the master suite. It’s a space where we could just get away from the chaos of life as a family with small kids. When you close that door, it feels like you’re in your own little space. It just feels like home – it feels incredible.”

Of course, the house would not be complete without beautiful spaces for Jo and Anton’s three young kids to sleep and play in. For their daughter, Sienna, Jo was inspired by a piece of art and the two of them worked together on the concept and design. “Our design and inspiration all started with this beautiful oil painting that I found a long time ago, and thankfully for me, Sienna loved it too. This was the starting point and the inspiration for her entire scheme.”


For the oldest of the three, Jayden’s room was designed for him to enjoy at any age, no matter what he’s interested in. “We wanted to keep the design very simple so this is a room that will work for him now, while he’s into Lego and cars but also when he gets into those teenage years, which will hopefully be a long way away!”


And finally, for the youngest of the bunch, little Ethan’s bedroom is a beautiful space that can be adapted throughout the years. But for now, it’s reflective of his childlike innocence and sweet nature. “I would say the design is just a sweet one. This is a space for him to sleep and play in for now and will transition through the years within this space.”



If you are planning to renovate your bedroom, then Jo has some top design hacks for you to take note of:

1. DO IT TOGETHER: If you are going to share it with somebody else, then this is such a nice opportunity to do it together. So, sit down, create a mood board, and create a space that you will both want to be in.

2. ENJOY THE STYLING PROCESS: This is your chance to get a little bit more excessive with your styling. Think about things like area rugs, baskets, and plants because your bedroom is a much cosier space than the rest of the house. “If you’ve got the space in your bedroom to incorporate a seating area then do it.” says Jo, “It transforms your space from being just a functional area to sleep into a space that you can really just sit back, relax, and enjoy.”

3. CREATE A SPACE TO LOVE: If you’ve got the space in your bedroom to incorporate other elements like a seating area or a coffee nook, or even if it’s a single armchair or musical instrument, just think of things that you love doing and add them into your bedroom, so you want to spend extra time there.




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