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While Cape Town is undisputedly the design capital of South Africa, it’s not only ultra-modern design styles that are making an impact on the city. With architecture dating back to the 1600s, Cape Town is full of heritage buildings that are being transformed into flawless family homes. One that has caught our eye is the Morgenrood development…

Caesarstone in Morgenrood

While owners of South African monuments are often envied for reclining under double volume ceilings, perambulating on original Oregon pine floorboards and inviting in fresh air through charming, wood-framed sash windows, maintaining or renovating such properties needs a clever design eye.

Built in 1842 (and once the home of the longest-serving British prime minister of the Cape, Sir John Gordon Sprigg), the 175-year-old Morgenrood house has been redesigned into a 5-unit luxury complex that will retain most of the original architecture of the historic home.

Caesarstone in Morgenrood
Caesarstone in Morgenrood
“The way they built houses in the 1800s is quite different to how we build today, which is why one needs specialist heritage builders when taking on a project like this, for every exterior and interior finish has to resonate with the original architecture.” – developer, Liz Aspeling

The 2- and 3-bedroom apartments are set to appeal to several niche markets: international swallows, couples wanting to downsize comfortably from their family homes, individuals considering long-term retirement options, and discerning investors with an interest in remarkable properties are likely to be drawn to Morgenrood’s offering.

Take the virtual tour of the Molteno unit below:

With its monument status still intact, buyers of the elegant, luxury double-storey apartments will also be able to look forward to vignettes exposing the original brickwork and refurbished floorboards from the first build. Upmarket interior finishes such as Caesarstone kitchen countertops and Victorian Bathrooms sanitary ware will be fundamental to evoking Morgenrood’s intrinsic, old-world sense of style.

Caesarstone in Morgenrood
Caesarstone in Morgenrood

For more information visit morgenrood.co.za.

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