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To wrap up our design series, From the Ground Up, we will be taking a final look at how Jo’s family home turned out. Interior design is her specialty and, in this instalment, Caesarstone gets the low-down on how to bring it all together. From effortless floating shelves, dramatic free-standing baths, and minimalistic styling there has been no shortage of design inspiration. Jo makes it look so simple, and if you are wanting to turn areas of your home into Pinterest-worthy spaces – interior design 101 style – then you are in the right space. In Jo’s words: “It’s time to bring it all together.”



As important as the main spaces are in a house, it’s also the little in-between moments that weave everything together into an intricate tapestry of beautiful finishes. Let’s take a look into what went into making various spaces sing in design delight including the wine cellar, hallway, scullery/mud room (pictured above), guest cottage, upstairs TV room, living room, and study area. One room in that list may not be so familiar – for us it was the mention of a mud room. Squashing any thoughts of a new-age spa addition to the home, Jo explains the idea behind it: “We wanted a space where the kids could come home, take their shoes off, and hang up their school bags. A place where we can hide all that stuff away.”


With so many areas to design, Jo knew it was important to keep consistency in not only look and feel, but also in common elements that would tie it all together. “It’s very monochromatic – but still very natural. We want to make sure we’ve got the perfect blend of the two. We’ve got all the lighter finishes on the floor and the living space, but we wanted to go a little moodier in certain areas to contrast this. We’ve got the Tribeca corner on the joinery and then the rich Rugged Concrete on the tops.”


Walking through the front door, the wine cellar is a gorgeous ‘peek-a-boo’ moment that draws you in: “First thing’s first, we’ve got my secret favourite room of the house – the wine cellar. This will be filled with some vino to welcome everybody.” Once you’ve got your glass of wine it’s time to head through into the rest of the house that delivers many details and spaces to marvel at. “Then we’ve got our entrance hallway. On the main wall we will install beautiful paneling, and we’ll have a server with beautiful, pretty things to make everyone feel welcome.”



Finally, the day arrived to not reveal just one room, but the rest of the house – completing the pretty picture that’s been painted over the last few weeks. You can see that while this has been a positive experience for Jo, it’s also a relief to have arrived at this moment: “It’s been a long road to get to where we are today.”

Walking through the front door you are immediately greeted by the wine cellar – because why not? The sexy Rugged Concrete with moody detailing, and of course all the lovely bottles of wine stacked up so neatly, catch your attention instantly. “The wine cellar is the first thing you see as you open the door. We had two offcuts of the Rugged Concrete as part of our slab, and this was just the perfect moment to be able to use that. It’s a home run!”

Heading upstairs, intimate spaces have been created for the kids to enjoy those quieter moments. One such space is the ‘pyjama lounge’ where lazy Saturday mornings can be spent, making sure that a slower pace is encouraged. “We needed a space for the kids where they get to watch some TV in the mornings and we can get an occasional lie in.”


Back downstairs you enter ultimate open-plan living with the kitchen (See the full Kitchen Episode), main living area, and dining table. Everything works together in a peaceful harmony, with a subtle flow of energy throughout. Jo remarked on how the design has mirrored her love for clean, simple spaces: “I love how these areas speak to one another. This house has been designed with gathering in mind, it’s all about entertaining. Our kitchen opens up onto our dining area, which has got the focal view of the swimming pool.”

The main living space ties into the kitchen and dining room looking out onto the garden, which naturally works together, “I absolutely love how it all pulled together. In terms of the design concept that we applied to this space, it is very monochromatic,” says Jo. “I love the concept of slow design and minimal living, so for me going black and white just felt very natural.”


The scullery/mud room combo is a special one because it’s unexpected. Against the grand openness of the kitchen and the luxury of the main living space, this area actually holds its own in terms of design and finishing touches. “The Rugged Concrete is the stone we’ve used in here and it pairs perfectly with the dark colour used on the cabinetry. That, together with the brass detail, is pure magic,” muses Jo.


A practical part of the house came in the form of the study, which provided an ideal work-from-home situation as well as an area to store necessary paperwork and documents that usually take up so much space in the house. “At the moment, as you can imagine, everyone needs a work-from-home area. The one thing I wanted were the metal doors and this was my moment for those. Subtle herringbone flooring completes the look.”


Finishing off the house is the guest cottage that was included to accommodate Jo’s international visitors and family. “We have a lot of family overseas and in Holland, and we just wanted a space where we could double up and accommodate them where they still have their privacy, but they’re part of the family.” Of course, the house that focuses on family would not be complete without an area where Jo’s parents could be close by. “We designed the house purely with family in mind – it also gave us a great chance to incorporate a separate living space for my parents. For us, it’s all about how we can be together – and our home has given us that opportunity.”

Looking back on the entire process, Jo and her husband Anton journey back to the first time they came onto the site to now sitting in their completed family home. Jo is extremely pleased with what they’ve been able to achieve and looks forward to creating new memories with her family and friends. “I can’t believe that we are finally through this process, and we have built our dream family home. It’s such a blessing to be able to enjoy it together.”



If you are looking to create a space like Jo’s, or looking to revamp a room in your home, then here are a few pointers:

1. STORAGE IS KEY: If you have a working family home, then storage is an absolute must-have. Make sure you have lots and lots of it – you can never get enough!

2. MINIMALISTIC STYLING: Just because there’s a wall, it doesn’t mean that something must be on it. Don’t be afraid of those blank spaces. Design makes sense when there are those spaces for your eyes just to rest and land.

3. UNIQUE DESIGN: You are designing for you, so create a space that you absolutely love. Trends are important, be inspired, but also create a space that you want to be in.



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And that’s a wrap up of From the Ground Up! If you loved this design series with Jo & Caesarstone, then let us know in the comments below! If you missed any of the series, then head to our YouTube channel to get all the design inspiration you’ll need!




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