Introducing the NEW Outdoor Collection

For the first time in quartz history, an outdoor surface made to weather any storm. The Caesarstone Outdoor Collection is a breakthrough combination of high durability and UV resistance for outdoor luxury. 

Back to Nature

Caesarstone has combined the best of all it has to offer by taking the luxury of its surfaces to the outdoors. Inspired by the tactile nature of polished concrete, these new designs have a lightly textured concrete finish. The appetite for cooking gourmet food and entertaining in luxurious spaces continues to rise in popularity. The desire to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living raises the bar on sophisticated settings.

Chasing the Sun

Caesarstone has been paying careful attention to the South African consumer’s wish list. The ground-breaking Outdoor Collection provides the convenience of stain-resistant and easy-to-clean surfaces. It offers highly durable material that’s proven to withstand UV rays and extreme conditions. We’re in a time where there’s more desire than ever to cook, dine, and entertain comfortably in an outdoor kitchen. Braai counters, sinks, and backsplashes are just the beginning. Other uses range from patio dining tables to poolside bar tops.

The Joy of Alfresco Living

Available in three versatile colours, 405 Midday, 406 Clearskies, and 515 Palm Shade, the world’s premium surface is ready to elevate your next braai or pool party. Just as Caesarstone first pioneered quartz surfacing in 1987, the brand continues to lead the industry’s innovation. The revolutionary product gives architects, designers, builders and homeowners even more applications for Caesarstone’s matchless quartz surfacing.

Meet the Outdoor Collection’s three shades…

405 Midday

Midday’s sandy white surface is embellished by warm grey and soft white flecks, which adds texture to its neutral façade. The organic look also correlates with the beauty of nature. Midday offers a smooth, tinted white concrete base conceived for various architectural alfresco designs. It keeps the mood light while blending in naturally with the environment.

Midday works equally well next to neutral facades and colour palettes, tiling and stone or light timber decking and flooring. The organic look of Midday correlates to the beauty of nature. It conjures up relaxing spaces with metallics, whites, and glass to complete the space. You can also opt for classic materials like wicker-plant pots in warm grey, beige, or terracotta.

406 Clearskies

Clearskies has a velvety smooth concrete grey base that is enlivened by a scattering of various tiny flecks. The innovative design adds the earthen look of a pebble’s surface to your outdoor countertops, backsplashes and tables. The natural style of Clearskies brings a real sense of continuity and flow from the inside out. It features a stylish accent and focal point for all of your internal and external designs.

515 Palm Shade

Palm Shade can define the garden kitchen as a contemporary contrast to a wooden butcher-block, or as a spectacular island by the pool. The colour adds a fresh accent to a natural setting, bringing a sense of lightness. Palm Shade conveys the authentic depth and majestic look of marble with its elegant milky base and discreet, earthy charcoal vein. Its white base and discreet veining are anything but plain. Versatile by design, this beautified stone complements natural façades, landscaping materials, decking, and pavers.

Ready to Take it Outside?

Outperforming other common outdoor materials in standardised testing, the Outdoor Collection brings the continuity of beauty, strength, and durability to outdoor kitchens and contemporary backyards. CONTACT US today to start designing your next outdoor space with Caesarstone’s beautiful and durable Outdoor Collection. Visit Caesarstone’s website for more information.

*Please note that Caesarstone Outdoor Collection is not suitable for flooring and wall cladding.



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