Kitchen and Design Trends 2023

Caesarstone travelled to Milan to discover the latest kitchen and design trends for 2023, as showcased at EuroCucina Salone del Mobile! A highly anticipated annual event in the international kitchen design calendar, Salone del Mobile is a benchmark in the world of design, embodying contemporary design and technical innovation.

Visitors interact with brand new industry innovations, gain styling tips, discover revolutionary surface textures, and experience beautifully-designed spaces. These world-class displays are nothing short of incredible, each one showcasing products and design trends in a fresh and exciting way.

As leaders in surface design, we wanted to give you a real feel for how new trends and innovations could work in your home and living spaces. Here are the top kitchen and design trends for 2023…


Multi-tasking is something we are all very good at these days, and this is just as true for interior and kitchen design. Getting more use out of your space has become a key focus by embracing the ‘less is more’ ideal and using minimalism to maximise efficiency. Seamless solutions allow better use of both small and large spaces with cleverly designed, multi-functional furniture and pieces that fold away, pull out, or expand to suit your space and needs. A multi-purpose, compact kitchen could see the preparation countertop double as a working space during the day, which is then pulled out and expanded as a dining area for guests at night.

Oyster is an elegant, medium grey surface with a lot of movement and texture.

Broken-plan living

A surprising shift from open-plan living towards broken-plan spaces showcases a return to distinct, demarcated living areas. Unlike the stuffy corridors of the past, think of spaces that are well considered and still evoke a feeling of openness. Each zone is perfectly set up for its distinct purpose, be it cooking, entertaining, or relaxing. This is seen through the considered placement of divider screens, freestanding furniture, well-designed cabinetry, and display features.

Soft mineral deposits create a marbled vein across the black charcoal base of Black Tempal.

Kitchen hubs

A classic trend that has stood the test of time, the kitchen remains the heart of the home, only now with an even more practical purpose. It has transformed into a flexible, multi-use space where we not only cook but also work, relax, entertain, and take care of our families.

Forward-looking designs are leaning into this, embracing aspects such as the use of colour and lighting that allow the kitchen to adapt to different times of the day and alter the mood to suit its current purpose. With the kitchen holding its own as a key living area, the centre of the home will continue to integrate into family life and freedom of expression.

Calacatta Nuvo makes an unforgettable impression and enhances any interior with a touch of high-end indulgence.

Bold & bright colours

Neutrals are taking a backseat as the trends embrace the life-giving nature of colour. Bright and bold colours are being used to express a fun sense of personality. With unexpected tonal variations paired with contrasting materials like wood and stone, the kitchen is full of opportunities to play with colour — from appliances to cabinets, and, of course, countertops.


With a tonal cloud-like patina Cloudburst Concrete delivers a truly romantic interpretation of the industrial interior trend.

Smart kitchens

Smart kitchens are only getting smarter! From innovative tech to clever hacks, it’s all about working smarter, not harder, in the kitchen. Clever use of lighting—both conventional and smart-enabled—can change the mood of your space with the simple touch of a button. Basic yet effective storage and division tools in cabinetry make the kitchen’s functionality a pleasure. Incorporating smart technology into your appliances, big and small, will change the way you cook, shop, and live at home.

Vanilla Noir is a dramatic, black surface that carries intense, off-white veins.

Watch the FULL kitchen and design trends video now:

Whichever trends you are drawn to, remember that your personal preferences always come first. You know your space best, and it should be an expression of who you are. With the help of trend reports like this one, decorating can be fun and exciting.

When it comes to your surfaces, you can’t go wrong with Caesarstone. Trendy and timeless, Caesarstone always brings a sense of luxury and durability to your space. Our large-scale slabs are finished and polished to perfection, rigorously examined to ensure the best quality, and resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks when installed correctly. Caesarstone has been a trendsetter and product leader in development and innovation since 1987. Our unique designs and excellence-driven products inspire everyone, from professional designers to home decorators looking to create exquisite home interiors.

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