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It’s time for Episode 2 of our exciting Design Inspirations TV series!  Catch live broadcasts on The Home Channel (DsTV 176) for the next few weeks and stay up to date on the latest kitchen and interior design trends, fresh from Europe.


Episode Transcript:

Welcome to another week of design inspirations with Caesarstone. If you’re dreaming of renovating your home, then you don’t want to miss these design ideas from the best interiors that Germany has to offer.

Lisa Aspeling:

After just 2 days, one thing was evident at this year’s Living Kitchen exhibition. The kitchen is fast becoming the homeowner’s playground. The show revealed unique kitchen designs that created mood and expressed character, with a big focus on the people that live in them.

The key theme at this year’s show: designing with an appreciation for the people who will inhabit the space.

Todd Bracher:

For me design inspiration comes from really the human element. I fight to find what’s really the most meaningful signals about our world. I think if we undercover what those really human meaningful associations we have with these things around us, I think if we uncover them then my job is to share them and expose them and preserve them in a way that’s not through fashion, or trends or style, but something really timeless. I think that’s how we live in a richer, more appreciative way with our environment.

Gust Sempre:

Things are made to be used and people are made to be loved. Today things are being loved, and people are being used. But this is one of our things, this is our design, it’s more a way of life and it’s not about the products. I think the simpler the product, the nicer.

Stefano Core:

Valcucine is say three main principles that corresponds to our values. Timeless – means that our kitchens are made to last forever in terms of design, and in terms of durability. The second is wellbeing – so we don’t design just beautiful kitchens, we design kitchens where people can enjoy their lives, so to make people’s life better. And innovation – we realise timeless and wellbeing through innovating not just design, but also inside the kitchen, the mechanics of the kitchen.

Trevor King:

I think the designs of so many of the kitchens that I saw here in Cologne have such an intentional design about them. They are intentional in that nothing about them seems to be incidental or just for the sake of it.

Bradley van den Berg:

I think one thing to be guaranteed when coming to a place like Germany, and we know this of German cars, is that the intention to detail, the craftsmanship comes standard. And it’s quite a different way of looking through this, because their practical people, so everything that’s designed in this kitchen, if it doesn’t have a form and a function, it’s not included in the kitchen. And every last thing has been thought out. It kind of is something to think about as a designer at home, is it needed to be there, why is it there and what is going to go in that cupboards, what’s going to go in that drawer. And you’ve seen that with a lot of inlays, you open up a drawer, and every single department has got a space, it’s got a grater, it’s got a knife. And it seems like it means that you don’t buy any extra additional clutter, it goes with those in your kitchen, and that’s your kitchen.

The idea of modular kitchens is clearly coming back. The concept of a clear kitchens, kit kitchens, assemble-it-yourself type kitchens is definitely coming through where people are almost playing around with their kitchens, bright colours, boxes here, and it almost feels like the kitchen could be repositioned or reused in a different way if one had to move. It’s as if the kitchen is almost like a catering style kitchen that wheels in and tomorrow it can wheel out. And that’s quite, it’s almost treating the kitchen as a furniture piece, as opposed to a fixed position.

The best kitchens balance functionality, aesthetics and an awareness of the people they’re being designed for. When thinking about redesigning your kitchen, take the time to think about the style that suits your personality and lifestyle. Each design element should have its own function, also contributing to the beauty of your living space.

Lisa Aspeling:

Thank you for joining us. That’s all the design inspiration we have time for today, but do join us again next week for more.

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