Kitchen & Design Trends 2023: Biophilia

A key 2023 design trend is the nature-based elements of biophilic design, and the fascination with biophilia is taking root in the home, especially in kitchen design. Caesarstone went to the design capital of Milan, Italy, to discover more about this exciting design trend.

With a honed, silky finish in a muted light grey, Raw Concrete gives you the look of concrete without the rough texture and inevitable dust.

What is biophilia?

Biophilia means ‘love of nature’, and incorporating natural greenery into our homes through design. Research has shown that it can make us healthier and more productive, modulate our moods, and enhance our wellbeing. Since we spend about 90% of our lives indoors, biophilia is beneficial for a healthy living and working environment. Embracing this idea means incorporating nature into our indoor environment, creating a calming space.

From changes as simple as letting in more natural light to bringing in plant life, biophilia is accessible to everyone. Less literal interpretations include embracing organic shapes such as rounded circular designs and carved furniture pieces, bringing a grounded feeling to your space. Rounded archways and cabinets are another way to mimic the flow of the outdoors and break up the harshness of straight lines in your home.

LEFT: Inspired by industrial interior design trends, Sleek Concrete is a fine-grained, deep grey surface with an off-polish finish. RIGHT: With a white-on-white, cloud-like patina Cloudburst Concrete delivers a romantic version of the industrial trend.

THIS is how you can incorporate biophilia into your kitchen…

1. Maximise natural light: Large windows and floor-to-ceiling solutions let maximum light in, but new builds and renovations are not the only way to maximise natural light. You can try repositioning furniture, blinds, or curtains that block the full potential of sunlight entering your space. Also, switch from heavy curtains to lighter sheer options while choosing natural finishes and light countertops.

2. Fresh air: Opening the windows more often is a simple way to embrace the concept of biophilia. Feeling the gentle breeze in your kitchen while you cook is also a great way to allow cooking smells to clear away and bring fresh air into your home.

3. Living plants: Incorporating greenery into your kitchen space is one way to get on board this trend. From simply placing pot plants on your countertop to suspending a stylish mini-hanging garden above your main working area for maximum impact – plants are visually pleasing, a mood booster, and a natural air purifier.

4. Embrace organic shapes: Humans are naturally drawn to organic rounded shapes as they mirror nature. Rounded countertops are ideal socialising spaces that offer a natural flow to surrounding areas. Natural design is all about curves, soft edges, patterns, and subtle imperfections – so embrace these ideas when selecting your interior decor.

5. Nature’s colours: When selecting paint or cabinetry colours, green is considered the new neutral. Colour physiology suggests it’s one of the most relaxing colours that restores your energy and helps clear your mind. Draw inspiration from the natural materials of wood, stone, and warming neutrals to create a kitchen that is a nod to the outdoors. For long-term appeal, it must also be versatile and timeless. Caesarstone is the ideal balance of natural beauty and practicality. With resistance to stains, scratches, cracks, and heat, Caesarstone retains its natural feel while being highly practical for interior use.

6. Nature-inspired art: A simple way to incorporate nature into your kitchen is with a beautiful piece of art. It could be a photograph of your favourite nature scene or a painting, print or design inspired by natural elements. Think pretty florals, calming landscapes, or seascapes. Less literal interpretations could be organic shapes, round and flowing lines, or soothing colours.

LEFT: Oyster is an elegant, medium grey surface with a lot of movement and texture – this surface is perfect for creating contrast with lighter colours. RIGHT: Rugged Concrete is a refined, lady-like nod to the industrial look.

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