Kitchen & Design Trends 2023: Contrasting Materials

2023 has seen a few trends cement themselves in interior design, such as ‘broken-plan living’ – or the concept of creating distinct zones in the home. Create a visual division by incorporating contrasting materials in your home design without using heavy screens and walls. When used as a mix in the contemporary kitchen, a thoughtful combination of stone, quartz, timber, and metallics complement each other well. Caesarstone went to the design capital of Milan, Italy, to discover more about this exciting design trend.

With concentrated, organic veining in shades of elegant taupe and oyster grey, Moorland Fog offers a nature-inspired surface.

Contrasting materials

When considering design elements for your kitchen, it is important to consider practical and inspirational materials as a good blend of contrasting textures that will stimulate both your tactile and visual senses. Contrasting kitchen countertop materials help to create distinct zones for food preparation and dining. For example, a wood-topped kitchen island is for dining and entertaining, whereas a stone countertop is better suited to food prep and cooking. The right combination of contrasting materials also adds to the beauty of your kitchen.

LEFT: Sophisticated, yet demure, Sleek Concrete creates a strong, neutral base from which to add pops of colour to your design. RIGHT: Primordia‘s light concrete coloured base is filled with mineral splotches of off-whites and veils of greys.


Another way to have fun with contrasting materials is through lighting. In a kitchen, lighting is all about layering, as a certain amount of task lighting in preparation areas is integral, while mood lighting and statement pieces pull the space together. Complete your kitchen design with lighting solutions that offer practical advantages and a stand-out style.

Task lighting

Task lighting is all about making your lighting work harder for you. Stylish yet practical pull-down lights allow you to direct light exactly where you want to. Lighting offering angling and movement customisation will give you the most value. Inspired by white marble, Frosty Carrina captures the elegance of this timeless surface with a crisp, background and grey veins.

Mood lighting

Mood lighting trends for 2023 are all about display: think soft, concealed, under-cabinet or light-lined display cabinets that give the room a soft glow. Incorporating dimmers into your design allows statement lighting to become mood lighting and vice versa. Oyster is an elegant, medium grey surface with a lot of movement and texture. This surface is perfect for creating contrast with lighter colours or for making a moody interior.

Statement lighting

Anchor your kitchen design with beautiful statement lighting. Opt for single outsized statement pendants above your kitchen island for a bold look – or choose multiple hanging lights to illuminate your space. Not only can lighting fixtures make an impact through their illumination power, but their form can often be the final piece of your kitchen design puzzle that brings everything together. Vanilla Noir is a dramatic, black surface that carries intense, off-white veins. With a high polish finish, Vanilla Noir is perfect for creating vivid interiors with an unforgettable, marble-inspired look.

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