Kitchen & Design Trends 2023: Tech Innovations

In 2023, the smart kitchen is a popular trend that includes tech innovations and clever hacks for a tidier and more efficient space catered to meal preparation, healthier eating, and less food waste. Smart homes have become less of a novelty as we increasingly use technology to make our lives easier. Caesarstone went to the design capital of Milan, Italy, to discover more about this exciting design trend.

A complex composition of mineral-like layers in warm white hues, Black Tempal flows organically across a charcoal base.

Smart kitchen tech innovations

Countertop projectors

The latest innovations from leading appliance brands allow you to project cooking videos directly onto your kitchen wall or countertop. Some have even taken it further into the future with a projection and scanner panel that allows you to scroll through online recipes directly from your countertop and scan your ingredients for top cooking tips!

Future-forward appliances

Smart kitchens have been the buzz for years, but 2023 sees some items actually taking hold. Fridges can now feature colour-changing panels to suit your mood and bring a futuristic appeal to your decor. It also helps keep your food fresher for longer with panels that turn clear when tapped so that you can see what’s inside without having to open the door and let the cold air out. Other appliances include a stand mixer that automatically detects measurements and knows whether to mix a little longer, giving you better bakes with less effort.

One touch solutions

Fewer touch points in the kitchen is always a good idea. From touch drawers to power points, tech innovations elevate the kitchen one idea at a time.

Rugged Concrete is a refined, lady-like nod to the industrial look with an off-polish, silky finish in an event light grey.

Clever kitchen solutions

Concealed appliances

Since the modern kitchen serves many functions, concealing cooking appliances is essential. Innovative solutions span from sliding panels that cover cooking areas to specially-designed storage zones for coffee stations and cooking tools. Keeping your kitchen neat and free from clutter has never been easier.

Clever & customisable storage solutions

Storage has grown in popularity since there has been a rise in the need for decluttered homes where we can spend plenty of time. Thoughtful and beautiful solutions are finding their way into homes through small touches like in-drawer lighting and handleless drawers. Adaptable solutions designed for your unique needs are pivotal in your kitchen.

Caesarstone: A leader in design

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