Kitchen & Design Trends 2023: The Kitchen Island

It is strange to think that kitchens used to be hidden at the back of the house as a place where the host discreetly prepared the food, away from prying eyes, and then only presented in formal dining areas. Today, it is hard to imagine life without an open-plan kitchen where you can multi-task between caring for your family, cooking a meal, socialising, and catching a few moments to work in between. At the heart of all this – is the kitchen island. Caesarstone went to the design capital of Milan to discover more about this exciting design trend…

Calacatta Nuvo brings you wide, elegant, cascading, grey veins on a white, opaque base

Trends have seen this kitchen staple come and go, but 2023 has embraced the kitchen island with both arms. Three key trends this year are the kitchen hub, multi-tasking, and broken-plan living, which all speak to the revival of the classic kitchen island.

The kitchen hub

The Kitchen Hub is the idea that the kitchen is the new centre of the home. It is a place to cook, relax, socialise and even work, and the kitchen island is the perfect setting for this hub idea. Cleverly designed islands offer this all-encompassing space.

LEFT: Primordia‘s light concrete-coloured base features mineral splotches of off-whites and veils of greys.
RIGHT: Excava will muster up elegant feelings of polished copper and hammered brass.


The multi-tasking trend comes in the revival of the kitchen island through clever placement, counter designs, and pull-out extenders that allow you to adapt your kitchen to suit multiple uses. From seating to storage, cooking stations and power points, the kitchen island is the perfect customisable piece to suit your needs.

Rugged Concrete is a refined, lady-like nod to the industrial look with an off-polish, silky finish in an event light grey.

Broken-plan living

The idea of broken-plan living is to create distinct living areas without the completely closed-up separateness of walls and passages of the past. The innovative use of screens and dividers keeps the feeling of openness intact. In the kitchen, the island is the perfect divider that allows the eye to flow over an open room. These concepts speak to the ‘living kitchen’, the design idea that the kitchen area merges into the living space – to the point where double islands have become a trend.

One island is for cooking and meal prep, while the other is for work, entertaining, and family activities. Kitchen island sizes are also increasing significantly, serving as a meeting point for families and guests. Inspired by restaurant bars and counters, these large islands offer great opportunities for showcasing personal taste and trends through stylish countertops, premium hardware, and luxurious seating choices.

LEFT: Empira White‘s almost black veins traverse the countertop to create an interplay between darkness and light.
RIGHT: Moorland Fog offers a nature-inspired surface in a neutral palette that will steal the show.

2023 kitchen trends for your kitchen island


The idea behind biophilia is that humans have an innate need to connect with nature. Bringing living elements into the home through plants and other nature-based items helps modulate moods and enhance well-being. These are simple ways to embrace nature with your kitchen island:

Colour & texture: Consider the nature-inspired colours that make you feel at ease. Think mossy greens and lush plant-like tones to embrace through paint colour, or forgo paint altogether to include raw wood tones. Another way to bring natural elements to your kitchen island is through your countertop choice, such as Caesarstone. These surfaces are cool to the touch with rock-like qualities and a grounding effect.

Living plants: Incorporate plant life into your home by strategically placing greenery on your kitchen island. They could be herbs to use in your cooking or a beautiful aesthetic that adds to the serenity of your space. You can even create a canopy feel with hanging plants.

Black Tempal features a composition of mineral-like layers in warm white hues, flowing organically across a charcoal base.

Contrasting materials

A kitchen island is a perfect way to play with the latest trends. To visually create distinct zones, contrasting materials on the kitchen island are prevalent in 2023.

LEFT: With a white-on-white, tonal cloud-like patina Cloudburst Concrete delivers a romantic interpretation of the industrial trend.
RIGHT: Simple yet striking, White Attica draws inspiration from classic, natural marble.

Smart living

Innovative solutions in tech and design take a kitchen island from average to outstanding. Incorporating smart tech solutions into the very surface of your island top will make your kitchen island the hub of the home. Clever use of handleless drawers and space-saving storage will make the most of your kitchen centrepiece. Caesarstone has been a trendsetter and product leader in product development and innovation since 1987.

Our unique designs and quality products inspire everyone from professional designers to home decorators looking to create exquisite home interiors. Caesarstone surfaces are expertly produced to perfection and rigorously examined to ensure the best quality. Resistant to stains, scratches, and cracks, Caesarstone surfaces are also heat-resistant, making them ideal for interior use like countertops and kitchen islands. Be inspired by the Caesarstone collections.

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