Marbling Mood Trend

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Food and materials inspire one another, becoming a multi-sensorial form of creative expression. Food has graduated as a new design discipline to be reckoned with, encouraging people to be open and experiment more. Teaching our taste buds along the way, informing our visual aesthetics, and illustrating with gusto how ‘Form Follows Food’; the title of Caesarstone‘s latest trends publication. It’s time to explore our first trend from this series: MARBLING MOOD…

Above: The elegance of beetroot carpaccio; a dish that is elevated by Statuario Maximus 5031 Caesarstone.

The return of marble has triggered a return to classical inspirations that follow form and function. Classical in the historic sense as well as classical in the contemporary sense, artistic influences from the past espouse traditional ideas of the present. A perfect way of incorporating history and nature into our interiors. In the home, products are put on a pedestal and finished with brass to bring an antique quality to the table while food is curated to complement our fascination with marbling.

Above: The Meringue Girls blow their kisses with flavoured dyes, organic and emotional like the veins in Statuario Maximus 5031. Also featuring Sleek Concrete 4003 Caesarstone.

In difficult times, an indulgent way of life tends to entice society, helping people to forget and escape in a moment of bliss. A need for adorning, a quest for decoration and an urge for embellishing are currently resonating through the creative industries, inviting designers to make life more emotional, celebrating the romantic beauty of sophisticated materials and the organic motifs of veined surfaces that inspire a stylish image.

Above: The marbling of eggs mirrors the veins found in nature, reinvented with the use of natural dyes such as tea, soy and onion skins – featuring White Attica 5143 Caesarstone.

At first, it was the designer fashion stores that reintroduced veined materials to their jaded public and from there, marbles moved to luxurious, chef- quality kitchens as countertops and wall cladding, often used in large slabs and as centrepiece islands. Whereas in the past marble would be seen as an imposing and elite material, today the use of marble is primarily because of its naturally designed veins and colours. Poetic and modest, objects are therefore often based on the aesthetic combinations of several stones at the same time. 

Above: A vase of cauliflower infused with red cabbage, vinegar and water marble-inspired Caesarstone.

These veined surfaces will also be employed as tabletops and shelving, for small items and planks, amphorae and lamps. In homage to marble, veining now comes in manifold variations, from the delicacy of intricately laced lines to the dynamic drama of Oversized thicker veining. This trend still has a long way to go; in many cases, these diverse marble patterns are combined within one space, complementing the room or table setting. New veining is also impacting trends in fashion, textiles, ceramics, paper and design – each item generously splashed with marbled motifs to seduce consumers everywhere.

Above: The veins in White Attica 5143 Caesarstone are as delicate as egg whites.

The art of decoration with veining also follows marbling in food design. A similar taste for texture and visual excitement pervades mottled foods and frothy desserts, with the prominence of marbled meringues, flecked cheeses, dappled breads, spotted soups and sauces, as well as fruits and vegetables that are sliced to expose their intimate inner veining. Together these ingredients form a marbled landscape of antique magnitude, reminiscent of the banquets served up in ancient times. Many techniques are employed to bring the marbled foods to the table as an installation, including crushed boiled eggs, whipped egg whites and preserved vegetables – everything performed with exuberance to commemorate a new vein in design history.

Above: Candy by Botanic Bakery alongside Statuario Maximus 5031 Caesarstone.


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