MasterChef SA 2022 Grand Finale!

As the proud countertop sponsor of MasterChef SA Season 4, Caesarstone followed a group of South African home cooks looking to change their lives through food. Our Rugged Concrete surfaces showed how durable and hard-working our surfaces can be! Missed the grand finale of MasterChef SA? Here’s what went down…

MasterChef SA Caesarstone Judges
MasterChef SA Caesarstone The Roasted Dad

The much-anticipated grand finale of MasterChef SA took place on 31 March 2022. The entire country was glued to their screens to see who would be crowned the brand new MasterChef! Up for the title were Tarryn de Kock, Andriette De La Harpe, and Shawn Godfrey. The Cape Town-based top 3 did their best to show the judges why they deserved winning the title and R1 million grand prize!


In the first round of the final, the top 3 took a trip to Paternoster to visit owner and chef of Wolfgat, Kobus van der Merwe. Recently, Wolfgat gained an international nod into The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list and was awarded the recognition of The Best Restaurant in Africa 2021. Tarryn, Andriette, and Shawn learnt foraging skills and watched the master himself cook a signature dish from his menu.

Little did they know, Andriette and Tarryn needed to recreate this dish in the first round of the MasterChef grand finale. Unfortunately, Tarryn’s dish did not win on the day and she was sent home. Leaving Andriette and Shawn to battle it out in the second and final round.

MasterChef Caesarstone Tarryn
MasterChef Caesarstone Rugged Concrete
MasterChef Caesarstone Andriette

Second Round: MasterChef Evolution

Now there were only two contestants left: Andriette and Shawn. The challenge? Cook a two-course meal that reflects their journey in the MasterChef kitchen. Both home cooks gave it everything, producing flavourful and delicious dishes that they could be proud of. Although not everything went according to plan, the top 2 presented their dishes to the judges.

For her first dish, Andriette cooked a vegetarian main, which consisted of a butternut steak, asparagus, red pepper sauce, ricotta, and smoked chimichurri. When it came to her dessert, Andriette created a custard cake with lemon curd, meringue shards, peppermint cream, fennel flowers, and raspberries.

MasterChef SA Caesarstone Andriette De La Harpe
MasterChef Caesarstone Grand Finale

For Shawn’s first dish, he went with a reinterpreted roast pork belly. His main consisted of a pork tenderloin, quail egg, with crackling crumb, smoked apple puree, bacon, charred leek, and creme fraiche. Chef Gregory said the cooking of the quail eggs was the best decision Shawn made, but the smoked apple puree was overpowering.

His dessert was a nod to his wife’s Dutch heritage with a malva pudding and lemon custard. Chef Kobus said it was light, fluffy, and not overly sweet. Chef Zola praised both contestants on their growth in the competition and the skills they implemented.

MasterChef Caesarstone Shawn Godfrey

And the winner is…

With anticipation building, the judges crowned Shawn as the winner of MasterChef SA 2022. Speaking after his win, the home cook said he hopes he made his children proud. “In four words for me, it has been passion, love, friends and family.” Shawn said the best part was learning how he could improve every day. His dream is to work on a travel and food destination cooking show. Shawn was able to navigate the competition well by constantly building up his culinary knowledge. Congratulations Shawn – we’re so excited to see what you do next in the culinary world.

MasterChef Caesarstone Season 4
MasterChef SA Caesarstone Shawn Winner



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