Meet the Caesarstone Winners!

It’s been one month since our lucky Caesarstone Millionaire competition winners’ lives were changed forever!  We caught up with our winning homeowner, kitchen designer and fabricator to find out how their lives have improved since becoming our official winners.

Our winning fabricator, Pieter Slabbert of Pro-Granite in George, was “well over the moon” when he received the call telling him he was a winner.  He says that Caesarstone’s product consistency and excellent after-sale service are the the reasons he keeps coming back for more.  Now R200,000 richer, Pieter has decided to save the majority of the money so he can use it wisely in the future, but he’s also set aside some of it for charity in order to give back to the community. Retha Moss of House of Woodmasters (featured below) was the winner of our kitchen designer prize, also worth R200,000.  We just had to find out about her journey to creating the winning Caesarstone kitchen:

What made you include Caesarstone in the winning kitchen design?
I was introduced to Caesarstone in 2005.Ever since then, Caesarstone has become my first choice of surface finish – not only because of the unique colours and different designs, but also because of product quality and their superior service.The client requested Caesarstone off the bat; I simply helped them to choose their perfect colour!They had a small area available, but we utilised it completely.The client is extremely happy with the space planning, practicality of the kitchen and the outcome of the products we used.

Whose idea was it to enter the competition?
When I heard about the competition, I contacted Johan and his wife, offering them the opportunity.  We both felt it to be ‘a needle in a haystack’ chance, but thought, “Why not?”

How did you feel when you got the call telling you that your client had won R1 million and you, your prize money?
At first it felt like a joke, but April was too far away…  The room was spinning; my emotions were everywhere!  I couldn’t believe that this just happened – to me!  I have never won anything in my life.  I was so excited and very pleased that my clients and fabricator won this amazing prize, they are all deserving winners.

Above: Pieter Slabbert of Pro-Granite in George, the fabricator who installed the winning kitchen!

Throughout your design career, what has been your experience designing with Caesarstone quartz surfaces?
In my 15 years of designing homes and now more specializing in custom kitchens and cabinetry, Caesarstone always had a place in any type of style. You’ll always find a colour and/or design perfect for your design requirements, I always have a choice with Caesarstone!  The versatility and capability of the product is a fantastic attribute and the possibilities are endless! We as a bespoke cupboard and cabinetry design and manufacturing company, advise clients to use the more reputable and quality products throughout, for our advertising is our quality end product. You can always count on Caesarstone to make your delivery look even better…

How important is Caesarstone’s lifetime warranty when choosing a kitchen countertop?
I must say, by knowing this, it really gives you as the designer that piece of mind. You can carry this through to your clients and it helps with the trust and credibility in your design.  Many times, the lack of a trustworthy warranty is a definite deal breaker for the client, so with Caesarstone everyone ends up being happy and satisfied!

Finally, we connected with our Caesarstone Millionaire, himself – Johan de Klerk (above) of Groot Brak in the Western Cape.  When we asked him how he felt when he received the call telling him he had won the R1 million he said that, while he was initially very sceptical, he felt excited and grateful when the news sank in.

“My favourite things about my new Caesarstone kitchen are the practical layout with easy access to everything, the open and uncluttered work surfaces and the fact that the Caesarstone worktops are durable, stain resistant and easy to keep clean. We are also very happy with the look of the new kitchen,” he said.

When we asked how he’s been enjoying his Caesarstone kitchen countertops so far, featured below, Johan said that he and his wife are delighted with how hygienic and easy to clean the Caesarstone work surfaces are. “So far they have stood up very well against everyday use for food preparation, cooking and baking and they still look like new!” he added. But what are Johan and his wife doing with their incredible prize money? “We are busy renovating our home; the installation of the new kitchen last year was just part of it.  A portion of the prize money will be used for further renovations, while the rest will go towards supplementing our pension,” said Johan.

Caesarstone is the world’s best surface not because we say so but because you say so.  Why settle for an imitation when you can afford Caesarstone?  Find your favourite Caesarstone design on our website, or visit the Caesarstone design studio in Kramerville, Johannesburg and pick your premium quartz surface for life.  Register your lifetime warranty and we’ll even send you a free cleaning kit, courtesy of Caesarstone.

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