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Linear shapes, rich texture and local craftsmanship, are the elements that commingle in the Bofred Studio. Cape Town designers Carla Erasmus and Christa Botha embrace the strength of the collective mind, accentuating the essence of design. We caught up with them about their recent creation using Caesarstone… BeFunky Collage

Let’s talk about intuition in your design process… We create for ourselves mostly, but for others to enjoy. We design and discuss our way through problems, by working until things feel right. Our response to a new design is usually instant, we either love it or hate it.

Caesarstone Bofred Moa light

Above: The gorgeous, giant Moa light, designed by Bofred, consists of a black coated aluminium frame and lampshade with a customised marble or Caesarstone base.

Our role as designers… is to respond to peoples wants and needs, but the responsibility lies with us to provide a product that is durable and loved.

Working with Caesarstone… allows our clients the opportunity to customise their lights and decor items to suit their colour palette and taste. The painterly and playful designs in the vast collection, are the ones we were drawn to most, and the imperfect, organic nature of the material. There are so many design opportunities with this material still to be explored.  

Caesarstone Bofred Moa light

“For us, there is no boundary between art and design. For us, art is the starting point for a new design.”

 Ten years from now design will… hopefully move towards being the master in craft again. It feels like we are currently in the ‘spare and minimal’ stage and trend of design, but there will surely be a shift in the future. We see the focus shifting from mass and multiples to sophisticated design and moving towards the ornate and fine detail. Ideally all of these elements will be beautifully curated together!

Caesarstone Bofred Instagram
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 [Assemblage: noun – (əˈsɛmblɪdʒ/) a collection or gathering of things or people. a work of art made by grouping together found or unrelated objects]

Caesarstone Bofred Instagram
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As a designer in South Africa… We live in such a diverse country, having an awareness of what is happening on an international platform, but staying faithful to our roots is our goal. That is what sets us apart from the rest of the world, when our products have a sense of place.

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