Our commitment to sustainable practices

Caesarstone is the pioneer of engineered quartz surfaces, offering aesthetic appeal and functionality through a distinct variety of colours, styles, textures, and finishes. Our vision is to bring the magic of our planet’s materials into people’s homes in a sustainable way. Our quartz product offering consists of four collections, each designed to have a distinct aesthetic appeal: Classico, Supernatural, Metropolitan, and Outdoor. Learn more about how our spectacular quartz surfaces have become the bedrock of everyday life for people around the world…

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A passion for sustainable practices

Sustainability is a natural extension of Caesarstone’s core values. Our sustainability vision draws upon our commitment to people, accountability, and innovation. At Caesarstone, sustainability goals are centred around these core areas: sustainable products, environmentally-responsible production, health and safety, and social responsibility. 

Sustainable products: Commitment to developing environmentally-friendly and low-silica products with a lifetime warranty.

Environmentally-responsible production: Commitment to an environmentally-responsible production process, including reducing carbon footprint, reducing styrene emissions, increasing use of renewable energy, reducing water use, and reducing waste. Caesarstone is currently exploring more advanced environmentally-sustainable transportation opportunities to improve their logistics and supply chain processes.

Health and safety: Caesarstone is committed to our goal of achieving a world-class health and safety system, aligned with the global plan for a best practice approach in our facility practices and processes. We seek to keep people and the industry safe through raising awareness of safety practices.

Social responsibility: We are committed to acting a socially-responsible manner and having a positive impact across the value chain, including for employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities we work in.

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Sustainable practices

MATERIALS: Caesarstone is committed to the superior quality, strength, and durability of our products. The materials used to create these products must meet the highest standards of performance and quality. OUR GOAL: 50% reduction of certain materials used.

ENERGY: Caesarstone understands the importance of energy efficiency and the transformation to renewable energy. Energy usage levels are constantly reviewed for our production sites, and we have an improvement process plan in place to meet our energy reduction goals. OUR GOAL: 10% decrease by 2025 in energy consumption.

WASTE: Caesarstone works to minimise our waste through the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials. We continuously search for new recycling and circular economy opportunities, both at our production and corporate sites. OUR GOAL: 2% reduction of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.


Environment, health, and safety

AIR: Caesarstone is committed to the health of our employees, the well-being of populations living near our production facilities, and ultimately, the health of the global environment. As such, we diligently seek to conform with all regulations regarding emissions and regularly track and measure these figures.

As the impact of climate change becomes increasingly relevant on a global scale, we’re committed to tracking and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. OUR GOAL: 5% decrease by 2025 in global GHG emissions.

WATER: Water is an essential part of the creation of our products and is used to ensure that our production process runs smoothly and safely. Our approach to water management is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. We also take measures to reduce the amount of water we use.  OUR GOAL: 10% decrease per slab by 2025 in municipal water use. 

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Human rights

OUR EMPLOYEES: The Caesarstone special touch passes from the hands of our employees to the homes and workspace of our clients, and the craftsmanship shines through the entire journey. Our employees are the heart of this journey and our organisation, bringing their dedication, creativity, and expertise to work every day to make sure we are creating authentic products, with care.

As such, we put tremendous resources and energy to support our employees and make sure they’re operating in the best possible work environment that is friendly, warm, reliable, safe, and trustworthy.

LOCAL COMMUNITIES: We are committed to supporting the communities in which we live. This includes supporting initiatives and organisations that work to improve educational, health, and social issues for people and youth who live nearby our facilities. 

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Consumers & innovation

We are committed to fresh thinking and breakthrough ideas that create value for our customers and our business. We embrace curiosity and creativity in our endeavour to lead the industry. Caesarstone works with the leading sustainability organisations in the green building sector as part of its sustainability leadership.

DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: We are committed to meeting our partners and customers where they are and providing an easy-to-use, engaging, valuable digital experience. We aim to be a trusted companion for consumers, leading them through their journey of renovating their spaces – from inspiration to post-installation.

ARCHITECTS & DESIGNERS: We work with leading global architects and designers to showcase the beauty, quality, and functionality of Caesarstone surfaces and share it with people around the world. We also partner with leading organisations to support sustainability initiatives in our industry.

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