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In 2019, three Johannesburg-based sisters set out to create an interior design company that encapsulates a single design belief: Simplicity. Ensuring the subtleness of simplicity lay at the firm’s foundation, MY Studio Interiors was born and started moving forward fast. In their recently completed Houghton Apartment, featuring Caesarstone‘s Vanilla Noir surface, we caught up with this dream team!

Head Interior Designer, Mufhenyi “Fefe” Mashamba (left), along with a recent installation of Caesarstone’s Vanilla Noir in the Houghton Apartment project (right). 

Driven by simplicity

Fefe and her team ensure that every space they influence has an element of timelessness. No matter the design’s complexity, a combination of line, colour, pattern, and form are implemented with this objective in mind. Be it a classic look or a modern space, their first step is to ensure this is the main focus. See more of their projects here.

MY Studio Interiors draws inspiration from its surroundings and the knowledge that an array of design aesthetics exists. Being aware of how various factors influence a client’s preferences, they are able to blend this with the project’s needs. Along with an undeniable fresh, feminine feel, the overall identity of MY Studio Interiors is anything but ordinary.

Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Vanilla_Noir

The open-plan kitchen shows off a central island with a stunning Vanilla Noir Caesarstone waterfall edge and surrounding countertops.

Young talent in the design industry

With a flood of young talent in the interior design industry, it’s significant when a firm like this stands out. Led by design, the sisters justify the importance of having a qualified designer by your side when undergoing home renovations. They’re adamant to share their passion and knowledge, with an obvious desire to make your space great.

Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Property
Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Kitchens

Caesarstone’s Vanilla Noir is a dramatic, black surface that carries intense, off-white veins.

“One of our challenges is ensuring that clients stay true to themselves, and not get too excited about fleeting trends. The longevity of your home is so important and it needs to reflect who you are. It can be quite a delicate process guiding a client towards different ideas. It’s one of the best feelings when a client takes on our ideas and considerations, and loves the final outcome.”

Fefe speaks about each of her projects like a child she has nurtured. Each unique and tailor-made, with a special investment poured into creating them, to ensure they are memorable and sanctuary-like spaces. But interior design is not for the faint-hearted, warns Fefe. Knowing your design identity is important, but she is well aware that you have to remain flexible. To get this far, the MY Studio Interiors team has had to hold on to their self-belief and values.

Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Decor

Without compromising design elements, My Studio Interiors combined shades of a natural palette to create a serene and modern feel throughout this Houghton Apartment.

On completion of their latest renovation, we couldn’t help but notice Caesarstone‘s bold Vanilla Noir taking centre stage. “Caesarstone is a brand we enjoy working with as it offers different surface designs that add character to a space. From the simple to the bold and dramatic, we know we’ll find a Caesarstone colour to suit the client’s style.”

Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Projects
Caesarstone_My Studio Interiors_Owners

Speak to your fabricator regarding the off-cuts from your chosen slab as they can be used in other parts of the house like this bedside table (left). Head Interior Designer, Mufhenyi “Fefe” Mashamba, along with her sisters, Aluwani Sefako and Fulu Mashamba (right), have grown MY Studio Interiors into a thriving business.

Top kitchen design tips from MY Studio Interiors

There are three main areas to prioritise when it comes to kitchen design: aesthetics, spatial consideration, and technical aspects…
Aesthetically: Define your style and then let the kitchen’s character unravel naturally. Pick the most prominent characteristics of that style and use them tactfully.
Spatially: Even though aesthetics are important, the kitchen is a space of function, so it’s important to plan the spatial flow. ‘The Kitchen Triangle’ helps this, so prioritise covering these important bases now instead of trying to rectify it later.
Technically: Never compromise on the design and style of your kitchen because of material costs. Always do a budget before starting so you know how much everything is going to cost you. You can then prioritise from the get go and not compromise.

Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Decor_Trends

With a high polish finish, Vanilla Noir is perfect for creating vivid interiors with an unforgettable, marble-inspired look.

Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Kitchen_Design
Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Dark_Kitchens

The sisters had a clear brief for the project, and it all came down to one word: ‘comfort’.

Bound for the design stars

As a young company fuelled with passion and talent, we can’t wait to watch MY Studio Interiors as they grow. Keep an eye on this space as they start venturing further into unchartered territory with exciting plans. Big collaborations are on the horizon as well as their very own product catalogue.

Caesarstone_MY Studio Interiors_Apartment

Houghton Apartment was all about creating a serene atmosphere where home isn’t just a place but also a feeling…

Contact My Studio Interiors

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, MY Studio Interiors continues to grow its offering and services nationally. If you’d like to work with this amazing brand, then please contact them today. You can also see their work on Instagram if you’d like to connect that way.

The Houghton Apartment is modern, classy, and elegant. See more below!

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