Now in its 11th year, the Caesarstone Student Designer Competition has welcomed in some of the best and most dynamic design entries since its inception. This year’s brief was compiled by Architect Jonathan Anstey and was set around the theme of transformation. Students were encouraged to design a structure that could transform its function from one physical state to another, and highlighted the necessity of being resilient and innovative in our current environment. Winners will be announced on 2 November 2018. 

We are proud to announce the 2018 Finalists:


Ruby Fisch, Design Time School of Interior Design
Looking at the rehabilitation of the Karatara forest and its people, ‘Mpilo Entsha’, meaning ‘New Life’, is a community centre which was destroyed by the devastating fires of 2017. The centre is made up of 5 multi-functional buildings and connected through a circular walkway. Each space provides an individual experience which uplifts the community.”  

CS_Student Designer_Wayne_NMU

Qhamani Dukada, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
“The Mzansi Drawer is a shipping container which utilises a sliding mechanism (similar to a drawer) to allow multiple arrangements of its layout and the possibility of creating multi-functional spaces. This transformation allows creative entrepreneurs to thrive in the diverse South African urban and township context where change is constant.”


Nicole Anderson, BHC School of Design
“With the interplay between structure and natural light, ‘Filigree Freedom’ looks at the psychology of shadow. A sequential flow from awareness to reflection; provides change in movement and in functionality at different times of the day. The structure personifies this progression throughout the day with natural light casting shadows through the filigree, creating a different experience as the day progresses.”

 “I believe this competition is a great way of raising awareness around social issues and design innovation”


Dean Smuts, Tshwane Univeristy of Technology
“RE-GENERATE provides a platform for creatives and thinkers to give back to the community. Inspired by a sunflower’s rotation toward the sun, the sculptural structure transforms into multi-functional spaces throughout the day. The self-sustaining structure will promote the exchange of knowledge between multiple disciplines to  grow and learn within communities.”


Kimberly Schooling, Design Time School of Interior Design
“Guqula is a transformative work shed that provides fresh produce 24/7 to those in rural South African communities. It is intended to educate on diet, healthy eating and nutrition through an on-site teaching kitchen and eat-in dining space . ‘We are what we eat’ plays a vital role in our social, physical and mental well-being, Guqula would therefore help uplift rural communities.”

CS_Student Designer_Wayne_NMU

Wayne Parker, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univeristy
“The Matilda Study Pod is a portable work space folding out and in to perform multiple tasks throughout the day, with the site targeted to serve an important purpose in society. This prestigious competition is widely recognised in South Africa and has inspired my future in a design career.”


Giorgia Mitton, Design Time School of Interior Design
“COACT is a safe space that would uplift the Bo-Kaap community. It will reduce the crime rate, alleviate gang affiliation and elevate mental, social and physical well-being. This multi-purpose space allows for skills building, art therapy, physical activity and more, in order to create purpose and hope in individuals’ lives which in return feeds into the greater community. “

CS_Student Designer_Christine_UJ

Christine Ueckermann, University of Johannesburg 
“A building that magically transforms on your command and adapts to user-specified, interactive, multifunctional interior spaces. ‘Three Space’ occupies three floors that transform into interchangeable functions. From a private, to a semi-private, to a public settings by moving any of the coded materials. The vision is to reshape known interior architectural design into an everlasting enchanted blueprint.”


Brittney Ritchie,  Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Univeristy
“My work is nothing out of the box but rather about a box… A cube which transforms into an educational playground for every little learner, that is suitable for any context.  Why I hope to win? This is one of the most difficult questions to answer. I would feel honoured to take first place; to take my first steps out of South Africa to the international design fair of my choice.”

“Where your imagination is your only limitation, design is the perfect vehicle to initiate change.”

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