Sumari Krige | The Visionary Behind La Grange Interiors

As a curated furniture and décor brand, Sumari Krige built up La Grange Interiors to feature exclusive offerings of classic furnishings and antiques. Taking on global design projects, La Grange Interiors is more than a retail space – it’s an expression of passion.

Behind the company’s signature look and feel, owner Sumari Krige has executed her vision over the past 25+ years. This encompasses warm tones mixed with raw textures – a calming combination that is unique, and goes beyond being aesthetically pleasing on the eye. We met with Sumari to learn more about her creative journey and to showcase a recently-completed home project featuring Excava Caesarstone


The origins of La Grange Interiors

Originally set up in a 200-year-old barn in Franschhoek, with late partner Charlotte Daneel, La Grange Interiors now has two showrooms in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Each featured item in these showrooms has been carefully curated and handpicked by Sumari Krige herself. Attention to detail comes from a passion for what you do, which is a key skill in the design industry. “To be passionate about what you do is important – you also need to have a firm vision,” says Sumari. “One can get really far in life if you’re hard working.”

Growing up on an apple farm in Villiersdorp, Sumari spent most of her free time as a child exploring the orchards and neighbouring farms – looking for adventure. Now, Sumari travels the world sourcing “interesting artefacts from local artisans”. She’s also picked up a few travel destination favourites including Vietnam, India, Philippines, and Myanmar.

Excava will muster up elegant feelings of polished copper and hammered brass. PHOTOGRAPHY: Elsa Young

Finding inspiration

Travelling through Europe, Sumari finds inspiration from upcoming trends, informing the organic look and feel that La Grange Interiors embodies. “Our company’s ethos is that we create homes, not showcases. We vow to present an honest, individual reflection of people who call these spaces their homes,” remarks Sumari.

While her travels have definitely influenced her design aesthetic, her South African spirit has played its part in forming her identity. “I am all about my designs incorporating layers of texture mixed with unique pieces. We have extremely talented designers in SA who can stand proudly alongside many international designers,” says Sumari.

Working with Caesarstone

In a characteristically gorgeous project, Sumari and her team at La Grange Interiors designed a kitchen using our Excava colour. With an obvious radiance, mixing it with vivid block colour and contrasting materials and textured décor compliments its organic look. “Caesarstone has always been a go to for me as it is one of the most durable kitchen surfaces in the South African market,” says Sumari.

Sumari particularly enjoyed this project because of the incorporated seating area, which invites shared moments with family over meal time. Sumari remarks that she was “lucky enough to be able to incorporate a seating area in the kitchen instead of a formal dining room. Never would I want to change this as we literally spend our time living around the kitchen table.”


Q&A: Kitchen Design Tips with Sumari Krige

INTERIOR DESIGN: Know what you want before you start; present an honest design reflection; and focus on creating a home.

BUDGETS: Work out a clear priority list, understanding what you truly need; and know that your kitchen is an investment.

SUMARI’S DREAM KITCHEN would be a “warm and cosy environment for family and friends to hang out”, while also keeping in mind practical elements such as storage and accessibility.

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