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If you’re looking for tips and ideas of how to restyle your home and interiors, look no further!  We bring you our latest texture and colour inspirations from Maison et Objet in Paris.  


“Welcome to the final episode of design inspirations with Caesarstone. Today I’m on a mission to explore how designers are using texture here at Maison et Objet in Paris. Let’s go take a look!”.

Trevor King:
“Without doubt Maison Objet is a birthplace of trends. It’s the place where designers bring their wares and their products and their designs and exhibit them both to their colleagues and to the design world in general. And so, it’s the showcase of the future of design trends of all types”.

If you’re looking to incorporate the latest design trends into your home, make sure you focus on including plenty of texture in your interiors. This year, designers played with patterns and combinations of surfaces to create visual interest without overloading the senses.

Seldom sticking to just one texture, combining high gloss finishes and rough, real materials helped to create visually inspiring design schemes, no matter the style. Whether expressed in a modern, retro or artisanal design style, many designers moved towards embracing nature in their spaces.

Gust Sempre:
“I would really like to use stone because it’s formed millions of years ago. And in my opinion there’s a vibration in those materials. I ban everything that is plastic, everything that’s refined. The real thing is when you can use material that are pure and real and natural”.

While it’s not always possible to incorporate the purest forms of natural materials into your design scheme, many designers at Maison Objet opted for natural materials with a manmade touch. Concrete and marble-inspired surfaces, such as Caesarstone, were very popular at the show, offering visitors countless design ideas for their own homes.

While texture can create a sturdy framework for design, it’s important to pay attention to the effect that colour can have on a space. Famed French interior designer, Elizabeth Leriche tells us more.

Elizabeth Leriche:
“For this exhibition, we chose to work on the theme Silence. It sounds a little bit abstract when we talk about silence, but today we are in a world permanently and completely connected attached by noises, images and we thought that it was time to take a break and propose a theme on disconnection and on serenity.

Today in decoration there is a paradox, because we find an ornamental and very decorative movement, whereas here we have chosen to show a minimalistic movement, very simple where items are dispossessed from decorations; in fact all this movement is inspired by the Japanese, this minimalistic movement where we will rediscover soothing objects. We are in a quest to find peace in ourselves and it may come by objects, contemplating these items, in front of a landscape, we can find tranquillity.

As a matter of fact, when we talk about silence, we are going to start with the idea of neutral colours; from white obviously, which gives the impression that there is more space and simplicity, to black, going through of all shades of grey and then some blue touches which will evocate an aquatic side and this world of Silence which is the sea so we will have these very calm palettes”.

While white, black and blue can help to create a sense of calm, you may want to create the opposite effect in your interiors. Whether saffron yellow, emerald green or dusty pink, we saw a myriad of ways to incorporate bold colours into the home. While jewel tones create energizing spaces and pastels capture a more feminine look and feel, darker neutrals can be paired with dramatic lighting for a more serious mood.

After an inspiring time at the show, it became clear that expertly combining textures and colours is the way to create an unforgettable space.

Trevor King:
“This is the change that I’m seeing in Europe – there’s a shift, call it a paradigm shift, where the designs are now being designed for people, their feelings, their inspirations, what makes them comfortable, as opposed to imposing designs upon them”.

Lisa Aspeling:
“While we’ve reached the end of our design inspirations journey, may this be the beginning of a beautiful new relationship between you and your living spaces. From myself and Caesarstone, thanks for watching”.

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