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This week on From the Ground Up, Caesarstone dives into the glorious world of the bathroom as interior designer and owner of The Sourcing Lab, Jo vd Merwe explores the best ways to weave commonalities between the bathroom areas in her house, while still giving each one a distinct look and feel. Using our Cloudburst Concrete, Jo has managed to use one stone in three very different looks…


“The bathroom is one of my favourite spaces to create. It’s the area in your home where you can allow your creativity to run wild, and where you can get really playful with those finishes,” Jo advises. We certainly saw the playful side of Jo’s designs come through – perfectly suited to each family member’s unique sense of style.

For Jo’s daughter, Sienna, her favourite colours needed to make an appearance: “We knew from the get go that we wanted to incorporate brass into her bathroom. She absolutely loves gold, it’s one of her favourite colours, and it paired together perfectly with the dusty peaches and pinks which are all over her bedroom design.”

When it came to designing a bathroom for her two boys, Jo knew that the space needed something different. “For the boys’ bathroom, we’ve decided to go a lot more masculine. Jayden is only eight and Ethan is almost two, but we didn’t want to be in a position in ten years’ time where the space had outgrown them.”

Finally, when it came to the master en-suite, one thing Jo and her husband knew they wanted was an open-plan design. “We wanted to create a space that felt like it was an extension of the bedroom. Being very close to the bedroom, the walk-in wardrobe and coffee nook there’s a lot going on already so we needed to keep it very minimal, and also something that would stand the test of time.”


Finally it was time to see the bathrooms become reality with the gorgeous Cloudburst Concrete being installed. “When the Caesarstone arrived for our bathroom vanities, I just couldn’t believe how beautiful they looked. It was the same feeling that I got when I saw the kitchen stone being installed,” says Jo.

Once again Caesarstone succeeded in blowing Jo’s expectations out of the water with its world-class quality and superior finish: “As an interior designer, there’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding than seeing your concepts come to life. But in this case, and the case of our house, I feel like my expectations have been exceeded.”


Walking into Sienna’s bathroom on reveal day, Jo’s smile lit up the room as she secretly revealed that this space was in fact her favourite in the entire house. “It’s a space that Sienna and I created together, which is very special. Her wish list was gold and lots of pink, and I feel like we’ve managed to achieve a good balance. We’ve used, once again, the beautiful Cloudburst Concrete by Caesarstone.”

When the boys’ bathroom was completed, the overall look and feel is one they will enjoy for years to come. “My thinking behind this space was focused on creating a timeless, transitional design for them. I love that we’ve gone for a darker tile inside the shower enclosure. It really creates this defining focal point. For the vanity, we’ve stuck with the oak for the vanity itself and then we combined it with the Cloudburst Concrete.”

And last but not least – the master bathroom accomplished the open-plan oasis Jo was after. “My favourite element by far in this bathroom has got to be the free-standing bath. I love the matte finish that we’ve done. It just adds to that spa-like feel that we wanted to create in here – this being our little sanctuary and hideaway from the kids.”


If you are looking to re-do your bathroom, or just want to do a general revamp, then these are some suggestions:

1. TIMELESS FINISHES: Keep things natural, whether it’s monochromatic or beautiful neutral colours, try and keep things rather simple if you can. That way, you don’t have to re-do your bathrooms every couple of years. “By introducing trends in a subtle way, it actually allows you to swap out, and to modernise or update your bathroom, as and when you want to,” says Jo. “Second to your kitchen, your bathrooms are the rooms in the house where you are spending the majority of your budget and therefore it’s so important to choose finishes that are timeless.”

2. SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT: A golden rule for bathrooms is they don’t all have to be the same. Gone are those days, you can now actually get creative. Create a scheme that you love for all your bathrooms, do mood boards for them, lay them all together, and then make sure there are commonalities. Jo remarked: “One of the things I always insist on with my clients, is that before we sign off our bathroom mood boards, we lay it all out in one big flat lay. This way you can check that they have distinct differences in style, but also common factors. In our case that is the Cloudburst Concrete on the vanity tops, it’s the oak for the fronts, and the warm undertones in all the tiles we’ve used.”

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