The Kitchen of Tomorrow

With the kitchen vying more and more to be center stage in the home, our 2018 Decorex stand took the shape of four vivacious and unique kitchen islands. Embracing our new colours, each one appeals to a different kind of soul. Step inside and tell us, which is your favourite?


Blurring the boundaries between old and new, Airy Concrete is matched perfectly with a classically-styled kitchen island and modern finishes. Deep chrome handles and faucets juxtapose against the natural wood on the moveable island. Doubling as storage and preparation space, the mini-island shows the versatility of Airy Concrete with personalized drawer units.

Thermoformed to perfection, the Excava island has a monolithic appeal with a large curved base and fully-integrated, topographic sink within the steal frame. Softening the industrial trend with a crisp, white working space, this island encourages exploratory cooking with a built-in mortar and hand-made granite pestle.

In a lightweight and elegant 13mm surface, White Attica brings new meaning to eco-living. With built-in recycling bins, each with a sandblasted label accordingly for paper, glass and plastic, sorting and disposal becomes a beautiful breeze.  An accessible herb planter encourages the urban farmer in you and automatically immerses you into a touch of nature.


Seamless, minimal and thought-provoking design welcomes Cloudburst Concrete to the market. With a two-toned, geometric-shaped island, the clean lines and tones instantly slow down the pace of ones mind. The bare surface stands as a blank canvas for one to make magic with endless possibilities. 

EXPLORE the four new colours ( CLICK here) and choose your favourite. You can also follow us on Instagram | Twitter | Facebook and here on our blog, for more design inspiration.  To get a quote for your very own Caesarstone you can Get a Quote from a Caesarstone Accredited Fabricator.

PLEASE NOTE: Imitating the organic movements found in nature, each slab has unique colour variations and veining. For this reason, make sure you view and select your slab in person, to ensure you’re getting your favourite choice.

These kitchen islands were perfectly installed by MIT GRANITE, a Caesarstone Accredited Fabricator.  MIT GRANITE can be contacted at or +27 83 658 7800.


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