Top tips on how to get the moody kitchen look with Caesarstone

Incorporating contrasting colours into the home is a steadfast trend, and the kitchen sets the pace on this one! But how do you get it just right? Well, it’s all about balance! Deep, rich cabinetry – and light Caesarstone countertops – balanced with natural textures like wood, can translate into a warm and inviting space.

Join Caesarstone on the design journey, alongside Jo vd Merwe, Creative Director of The Sourcing Lab, to get the modern and moody kitchen design aesthetic…

Choosing a look and feel for your home or interiors can feel daunting, especially if you are not sure where to start. However, Jo says you don’t need to be an expert to achieve a beautiful design direction for your space. She recommends starting with a ‘less-is-more-approach’ to get the foundational elements of your project right. Watch the video below – and then keep on reading so you don’t miss any of Jo’s tips and tricks…

Watch the FULL video here:

Jo’s top tips for a modern, moody kitchen design:

  • Start from the ground up: Choose your flooring first, and build your design finishes and elements from there.
  • Keep it simple: Don’t try and include all the materials you’re drawn to. Stick to a small selection of key elements and repeat them throughout the space to create a clean and cohesive look.
  • Create a mood board: Stores and suppliers are usually very willing to give you material and surface samples to take home. Layer them one on top of the other, or alongside, to get an idea of how it all works together. Adjust tones, textures, and samples where necessary before committing to a material and style.

Recreate the modern, moody look for yourself:

  • Contrast and balance: Jo has contrasted dark cabinetry with lighter elements such as Caesarstone’s Montblanc countertops, warm grey wall paint, wooden flooring, and oak veneer shelving – embracing a neutral palette in a variety of tones, textures, and shades.
  • Flooring, countertops, and backsplashes: Ona Rustic Greymist by Oggie Flooring firmly grounds this project, with light oak tones. Caesarstone’s polished Montblanc countertops and backsplashes anchor the remaining surface design.
  • Natural elements: Find ways to include warm wood tones in various ways such as floating shelves, seating, tables, or other accents. In this moody project, Jo used open kitchen shelving, which is a great way to make a modern statement in your kitchen. It can also be easily refreshed and restyled whenever you’d like.
  • Dark and moody doesn’t have to mean monochromatic or boring: There are many ways to incorporate colour, texture and personality into your space when the foundation is right. Use your open shelving to include fresh greenery to brighten the space and statement pieces like vases, ceramics, and art in complementary shades.

Get the look:

*Filmed on location at Newlands Peak (Rawson Development) in Cape Town.

Want to see more?

Two similar apartments, two completely different looks. Be inspired by how subtle variations in design elements can create a drastically different aesthetic for your space with design and procurement specialist Jo vd Merwe from The Sourcing Lab and Caesarstone. Prefer a lighter palette? Watch our muted ‘get the look’ video for inspo here:



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