Top tips on how to get the muted kitchen look with Caesarstone

Understated muted colour palettes are always on-trend. This timeless look creates a sense of light and calm, offering a welcoming space in your home. The neutral and muted tones can often be misunderstood – but incorporating texture and tonal elements allows you to bring interest and personality to your muted style. Join Caesarstone, alongside Jo vd Merwe, Creative Director of The Sourcing Lab, to get the muted & minimalist kitchen look…

Choosing a design direction for your home or project can feel daunting if you don’t know where to start. Jo says you don’t need to be an expert to define a beautiful look for your space. She recommends following a minimalist approach to get the foundational elements of your project right. Watch the video below – and then keep on reading to make sure you don’t miss all the tips and tricks…

Watch the FULL video here:

Jo’s tips for a muted, minimalist kitchen design:

  • Decide on a feeling: Think about how you want the space to make you feel. In this instance, Jo was going for a sense of calm and stillness, which led to the muted design palette.
  • Create a mood board: Stores and suppliers are usually very willing to give you material and surface samples to take home. Lay them on top of each other, or alongside, to get an idea of how it works together, adjusting where necessary before committing to a style.
  • Start from the ground up: Choose your flooring first and build your design elements from there.

Recreate the muted, minimalist look for yourself: 

  • Stick to elements found in nature: When building a muted design, be inspired by the outdoors. A fail-proof way to ensure you achieve the desired effect is to use natural elements like wood, stone, and cotton. For this look, Jo has used oak veneer for warmth, including dry foliage in clay vases for an earthy touch.
  • Choose a neutral colour palette: Select tonal, pared-back materials that work together to create a cohesive aesthetic. White is one of the most versatile of bases – a blank canvas for the rest of your interior. You can also tone it down by using off-whites, creams and rich, light khakis that add slightly more depth. Starting from the ground up, Jo’s muted look made use of Ona Rustic Greymist by Oggie Flooring and Caesarstone’s Cloudburst Concrete to anchor the design. Brass handles pair beautifully with the rest of the elements and warm the colour palette.
  • Incorporate texture: Make use of textures and tones rather than patterns when looking to add richness to your muted design. This helps to alleviate the starkness of a muted style by adding a sense of texture. Use accent pieces with warm tones and textured surfaces like beaten metal trays, and woven materials such as loose rugs and scatters. Boucle fabrics offer lovely texture and tonal variation – make sure to use it in small doses.

Get the look:

*Filmed on location at Newlands Peak (Rawson Development) in Cape Town.

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