WATCH: Form Follows Food

Caesarstone is proud to introduce our latest trends series: Form Follows Food…

“Food and materials inspire one another, becoming a multi-sensorial form of creative expression. Food has graduated as a new design discipline to be reckoned with, encouraging people to be open and experiment more. This forecast explores three trend directions alongside profiles on three contemporary designers whose work is connected to food; teaching our taste buds along the way, informing our visual aesthetics, and illustrating with gusto how form follows food.”


Conceptualised by renowned trends forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort, she explains that since the beginning of time, food has played an important role in human existence. Food was hunted, gathered and fished, with primitive instruments made of stone or iron, and ingredients were slashed, ground, and cooked on open fires. Our modern barbecue is a faint echo of these early rituals and today we see contemporary kitchens returning to the millennial format of the hearth. The sampling of roots, plants and fruits was relative to the season and location, and would influence the meals people assembled…

Today, cooking is in the process of becoming the largest mega-trend on our planet, taking over our spending and all other interests, or so it seems. Each day a fashion store is replaced by a bakery, a patisserie or a caterer; each week another cookbook is published; each month another documentary makes people eager to become a bit of a chef themselves. Blogs and vlogs become the official vehicles of this major movement, especially for young people who share their food experiences instantly on Instagram. Cooking classes are organised, demonstrations performed, and food trucks improvised. Recipes evolve and ingredients are collected, often experimenting with new tastes brought to us through immigration. Plating is the new hobby and foodies are the new cultural elite…


In this book, explore three specific trends: Conceptual Concrete, Marbling Moods and Dark Rituals. Food is put on a pedestal as if it’s a work of art. Like designers, chefs conceive original dishes; from sourcing the perfect ingredients to considering texture, colour and composition. Chefs become architects: researching, sketching and constructing their designs. In parallel, architects and designers turn to food: creating aesthetic cookware, tabletop and appliances. Indeed, form follows food.

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