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Vivid White 1111. Photo: Tom Mannion

In a piece that was published earlier this month in Vogue magazine ten designers were asked to choose their preferred tint of white for painting walls, in what was called a “homage to simplicity.” Some of them even chose white as their 2016 color of the year, and this choice can be seen to resonate in other fields of design and popular culture, as Nataly Yitzhakov, who last year founded The Visionary – a company for predicting trends, inspirations and research – says.

Yitzhakov, who worked in the trend predicting firm Lee Edelkoort in Paris, gives as one example last summer’s fashion shows by brands such as Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Dolce & Gabbana, where white was a dominant colour. “It was not only white,” she says, “but a prestigious interpretation of the basic colour that included crafts, laser cutting, lace, transparency and layers – something traditional that became up to date. In popular culture she gives as example the HBO TV series The Leftovers.

The series tells of a small town in the US that remains after two percent of the world’s population have disappeared without a reason. Residents of the town try to maintain an appearance of normalcy even when this term lost its meaning and some of them join a group that forbids its members from talking and makes them wear only white clothes.

Vivid White 1111. Photo: Tom Mannion

“The attempt to hold on to normalcy – with an appearance of asceticism, virginity and cleanliness – is a mirror and a reaction to the age in which we live, laden with stimuli from social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more,” says Yitzhakov. “We are constantly exposed to characters we want to resemble, and some of the side effects of that is more plastic surgeries, the ambition to be extremely thin or to do all sort of detoxifications. As time passes I hear of more and more people who would want to disconnect from everything that surrounds them: They see picture that stimulate all their senses, but not creating any pleasant sensations and they disconnect from social media.

“It is an extreme position, symbolising our wish to cleanse from everything that doesn’t do us good, and the colour white expresses this process for us, until, little by little, we regain balance. It also resonates with the saying ‘less is more’: We will make peace with ourselves, people will spend more recreational time during the day than during the night, and the colour white, usually identified with summer, will become a colour for all seasons, as something light and pleasant. In the future we will see more people wearing a total look made of white, and not just black, as we are used to seeing.”

Vivid White 1111 in 13mm is perfect for cladding.

Caesarstone recently launched new colours which answer the new white trend. The company’s new white, Vivid White 1111, is the whitest colour in the Caesarstone colour wheel. The minimalistic and classic look this colour gives any kitchen is a contemporary interpretation for anyone looking for a simple, comfortable look while maintaining advantages like quality, durability and ease of maintenance. In this sense the new white can be seen as a continuation of Fresh Concrete 4001, which is characterised by an industrial style and answers the urban trend while keeping a look of restrained, elegant white cement.

Fresh Concrete 4001
Fresh Concrete 4001 is used as the kitchen countertop in this avant garde design.

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